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Online Magazine

SleepTech Magazine /November-December 2018 SleepTech Magazine / September – October 2018 SleepTech Magazine / July – August 2018 SleepTech Magazine / March – April 2018 SleepTech Magazine / January – February 2018 SleepTech Magazine /November – December 2017 SleepTech Magazine ...

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SLEEPWELL EXPO triggered the sector!

As the only show covering all segments of the sleep products industry, from raw materials and technologies to finished products, SLEEPWELL EXPO Istanbul well performed despite many negative happenings hit the country. THE SLEEP ZONE inspired the professionals… From raw ...

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Mattress Recycling Council’s Bye Bye Mattress program diverts 150,000 mattresses from Connecticut’s landfills

Annual Report Announces Initial Success of Nation’s First Statewide, Industry-Led Mattress Recycling Program HARTFORD, CT (PRWEB) NOVEMBER 04, 2016 Last week, the Mattress Recycling Council (MRC) presented its inaugural Annual Report of the Connecticut Bye Bye Mattress Program to Connecticut ...

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Foam crisis in mattress industry, not dollar crisis

Mattress producers seek solutions in foam business Price fluctuations in raw materials hurt the mattress industry Supply crisis outpaced the rise of dollar Cost surges in chemicals, basic inputs of foam production that are demanded by mattress and furniture manufacturers ...

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New products from Robatech

Robatech introduced RobaPur 2 Mod melting equipment and Concept stream system After completing preparations for domestic market, Robatech keep its structuring in export markets offering products and sales services in more than 70 countries and recently established a factory in ...

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