Anasayfa / Yazar Arşivi: Aslı Özel

Yazar Arşivi: Aslı Özel

Special polyurethane systems for the mattress industry by Flokser

Polyurethane systems come forward with their decorative usage advantage in the mattress industry. Flokser offers polyurethane systems addressing to foam and wood equivalents produced through silicon molds with machine injection system.    Unlimited goods used in almost every moment of ...

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Tesla Sleep Visco, pillow increasing sleep quality

When quality, comfort and new technology in Turkey’s sleep products are mentioned first brand coming to mind, Yataş invites those who want to start the new day rejuvenated to meet with Tesla Sleep Visco pillow. Thanks to the clinically approved ...

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Macro benefits from micro pocket coils for the industry!

  Recognized as the most innovative supplier of quality components, SPINKS SPRINGS design and build its own machinery to produce game-changing products. Established in 2009, Spinks Springs is a leading supplier of unique, micro pocket coils to the furniture and bedding ...

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The industry sticks to Sefa Chemical’s exclusive products!

The leading brand of the adhesive industry, Sefa Chemical attracts attention with its products that are used in various sectors. Firms in the mattress, packaging, carpet, hygiene, textile, printing and construction industries do not give up Sefa Chemical.   Increasing ...

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