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Anasayfa / Raw Materials / Avicenna by Comfytex – a physiological and natural balance inside the human body

Avicenna by Comfytex – a physiological and natural balance inside the human body

The average time of sleep is about seven to eight hours a day. Sleeping enables the regeneration of defense, nervous and muscular to be prepared for a new day. In this process, a real “cleaning” is done and many factors negatively affecting the functions of the body are removed from it. This prepares the next day of our life.

Pain and sleep are actually very connected to each other. While the pain leads to inadequate sleep, inadequate sleep also causes a pain.

Pain has negative effects on the quality of life and one of the major effects is depression which decreases the sleep quality and causes sleep disorders. Also joint pain is among the most sleep-disrupting factors.

Today, quality of life is very important. When we look for a mattress, more than being just beautiful and comfortable, it needs to have some functional features.

In order to answer to these expectations, Comfytex has developed a new technology called Avicenna which ensures physiological and natural balance between the human body and its environment by eliminating the causes of sleep disorders like pain.

R&D official of Comfytex describes Avicenna: “This is the new and efficient way to have a perfect night of sleep. Our company’s target is to bring healthy and quality products with suitable cost and quality to Turkish market thereby develop the line of product and labors of R&D within investments towards industrial design.

Pain relieving feature  

Avicenna has the feature of curing the user’s metabolism during sleep.  With this project, it is anticipated that increase in rise of employment, in rise of new products in enterprise scale and region scale, in rise of number of the products produced in the strategic sectors, in the number of clients newly reached, in exports, in endorsement, in profitability and in rice of the products capacity.

Also as our mattress ticking fabric has been mentioned in sectors of mattress and medical, it will make its name pronounced in many sectors in foreign and domestic markets due to its own strong form.Reducing arthralgia and increasing quality this ticking mattress is an active project that was produced for the first time in the branch of the ticking mattress. It is anticipated that developed and developing countries who care for healthy life will be able to collaborate with our company for going in market occurred with developing products.

  • Avıcenna, mattress ticking reduces the pain perception with the active substance and anti-inflammatory effects.
  • Avıcenna mattress ticking reduces the activities of transmitting pain stimulation via blocking the pain perception.
  • Avıcenna mattress ticking helps us, reducing the pain while we sleep, improving the quality of our sleep and life.

In today’s urban life, obligations, stress and immobility can cause to encounter a variety of pain in our body. Sedanter life, activities, stress, wrong posture, long sitting at the desk / computer and lack of fitness can cause pain in the body.

Pain is a perception which leads to unpleasant person panic and escape behavior, which generally originate from a corner of the body. Pain causes lots of discomforts such as fatigue, disease, and imbalance, which reduce life quality.

In the mechanism of pain, a physical message is transmitted to the brain directly from the area of pain. Avicenna mattress ticking reduces the activities of transmitting pain stimulation via blocking pain perception pathways by the help of the active substances contained in it. In this way Avicenna provides reducing pain stimulation transmission activities, and pain relief, anti-inflammatory effect.

Avicenna mattress ticking helps to relax muscles and reduce pain while sleeping, and helps the body to be healthier and improves the life quality.

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