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Anasayfa / Other / Mert Makina increases its global growth dynamically

Mert Makina increases its global growth dynamically

Mert Makina, manufacturing and exporting machinery for mattress manufacturers, which has completed the first quarter of 2018 by exporting its total manufacturing volume, has been expanding its share in export markets while increasing its capacity in line with ever growing demand from abroad.

We have recently interviewed Mustafa Nebi Doğan, CEO of Mert Makina during the SleepWell TV program.

Could you brief us on Mert Makina?

Mert Makina was established in Kayseri in order to manufacture mattress manufacturing machinery about 20 years ago. The Company contributed to domestically produced mattresses considerably.

After 2010, Mert Makina has made its presence felt in foreign markets by giving importance to export oriented manufacturing more than ever. The export drive of the Company was strengthened by participating in the leading fairs of the industry. During this 10-year export orientation period, the company has started to export to 90 countries with a great success. Mert Makina is one of the leading companies of the mattress industry in Turkey. The factory covering a total of 20,000 square meters, ​​14,000 square meters of which is a closed area, is the largest one in its area of specialization in Turkey. Mert Makina has also turned out to be one of the most leading establishments of the sector in terms of global standards.

Is there an increase in production capacity and export markets?

After 2010, we had a capacity increase in 2015. Our aim was to increase capacity in 2020 but we initiated capacity increase a few years earlier in line with growing demand more than expected. Currently, we expect an increase of 35-40% in our production volume.

As of April 2018, Mert Makina has been able to export its total manufacturing. Our goal is to promote Turkey’s name in the foreign markets by publicizing the overall quality of the Turkish machinery in the world. For this purpose, we aim to be the world leader in the machinery sector by completing the increase in our capacity.

Would you tell us about the fairs you attended?

In the upcoming period, we will attend the furniture fair in Brazil and we will follow all the sectoral fairs. The most important event in which we will participate is Sleep Well Expo.

Actually, Sleep Well Expo has become a dynamically growing platform for the sector. We are satisfied with the performance of the fair in terms of visitor profile. Sleep Well Expo has become a dynamically growing platform for the sector. We are impressed by the increasing number of foreign visitors. This fact could well be regarded as an encouraging trend for the forthcoming events of Sleep Well Expo. So, we will be at the Fair as usual.

There was an American fair about a month ago, and there were fairs in China, but before the Interzum Fair I think Sleep Well Expo is one of the most important fairs for mattress sector in the world.

Do you have a message that you want to convey to the sector?

Many success stories could be written about the doubling of capacities with Mert Makina’s machineries. Automation is covering all our life nowadays and unfortunately those who ignore to move without this innovation won’t be able to succeed in business. Imagine producing a mattress within minutes, this will spectacularly lower your costs and the time spent. Mert Makina has managed as a team to make this dream come true. From this standpoint, Kayseri has become one of the most important locomotives in the mattress sector. When we look at the export figures for the industry, especially in the group of mattress components, Kayseri has reached an important point. With the SleepWell Fair, I think it’s going to have a bigger share in mattress and the related industries.

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