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Anasayfa / Other / Özdemir Group signifies reliability for mattress components

Özdemir Group signifies reliability for mattress components

Ozdemir Group, which trades hundreds of different materials, also attracts interest with its producer identity.

The company exports its products to 48 countries around the world. We learned details about the company from Erdal Özdemir, Board Member, Özdemir Group.

Could you brief us on your Company?

Our company was founded in 1986, we are a family business company and we are 4 brothers. In 1986, we embarked on furniture paints business, then in 1991, we continued with the business of forestry products and in the early 2000s, we were involved in trade of upholstery materials. Later, we focused on a series of manufacturing activities. After years of doing business, production became a must for us. We manufacture shock absorbers for mattress and automotive sectors. Apart from that, we are active in a narrow weaving textiles and packaging sector. We export our products to 48 countries We export 35% of our manufacturing volume.

How do you manage your overseas publicizing and marketing activities?

We participate in the relevant fairs and exhibitions of our sector.  We also visit our individual customers abroad. We usually travel four times a year for the fairs. Besides, we also have market research and customer travels.

We have left behind the first quarter of 2018. How is the year like for Özdemir Group? What are your major goals?

In 2017, raw material prices began to increase. Unfortunately, these price hikes continued in the first quarter of 2018. For this reason, there is a slight recession in the sector. However, we have better expectations for the rest of the year.

What would you say about Turkey’s export performance in the mattress industry?

First of all, Kayseri has turned out to be the major center of mattress manufacturing. These products are exported to many countries.

What makes you different and remarkable, compared to the other companies operating in the sector?

As Ozdemir Material Group, we produce 50% of the products we sell in our sector. The remaining 50% consists of products we have traded and franchised. Our most important difference is our identity of as a manufacturer of key products and materials.

What are your major products competitive at home and abroad?

I want to talk about the shock absorber in particular. We export a considerable part of this product. The markets we are the most powerful are European countries. We have also penetrated into the Far East markets, including North and South America, the Balkans, the Caucasus and the Middle East. Our efforts will continue to increase our market share. We also aim to expand our sales network further.

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