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Reform Sunger distinguishes with licensed quality products

* The company also attracts interest with its environmental protection by recycling foams.


We were informed by Huseyin Budak, chairman of Reform Sunger about the structure and activities of the company. Having daily capacity to process 8 tons of waste foam and 500 cubic meter foam cutting the company has the first recycling certificate in Turkey.


Will you tell us about the foundation and structure of the company?

Our company was established in 2013 on 13.5 thousand sqm land, of which 6.5 is closed, to produce bondex rebounded foam by recycling wasted foams for other manufacturers.


What is in your product portfolio? In which industry do you operate?

Our firm has machinery inventory to process 8 tons of waste and 500 cubic meters cutting capacity per day. We supply to soft group (sitting group) and automotive industry. Besides we fill pillows for furniture companies in a range of 350 grams and 2,500 grams at every size.


Do you have any certificate for quality and production process? What distinguishes your company from competition?

We have the first recycling certificate in Turkey in foam recycling operations. We meet all requirements of the certificate both in and out of business. This differentiates us our quality from others.


What are your expectations on behalf of the industry from 2017?

The foam industry has been growing 8.6 % annually on the average during the period between 2000 and 2015 years, though it recessed 10 % in 2016. The year 2017 was started with negative expectations; however, a tax reduction was put into effect with an aim to support sales in furniture industry. Value added taxes were down to 8 % from its earlier level of 18 %. In line with reduction, sales have grown at serious pace. Our expectation is that, the exempted tax reduction has to be valid all year long.


What do want to add more?

As of Reform Sunger, we can supply both materials and foam cutting services to our customers, to meet their needs exactly with right products cut at the right sizes and thicknesses.


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