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Etiket Arşivi: abd

Elektroteks: “Turkey still has a potential of being one of the key successions for US to struggle against China amid the trade war”

Baran Ozis: “To assist the effects of this ongoing situation in Turkey’s scale, Turkish Trade minister sees an opportunity to boost trade with the United States reinforcing an ambitious goal of quadrupling the bilateral trade to $100 billion a year ...

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“Turkish companies, which are self-sufficient geographically and have enough raw materials, should focus on exports as soon as possible”

The trade wars between the US and China affect the mattress industry as well as other sectors. The US, which has reduced imports from Chinese firms, has become open to export opportunities for new countries. Considering this as an opportunity, ...

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“We have a great opportunity to take advantage of this trade war”

The US and China, which have set up the world’s economic balance, have provided opportunities for countries wishing to expand their markets in a way with the recent wars between them. Turkish producers operate in the mattress sub industry, which ...

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