Anasayfa / Etiket Arşivi: Elektroteks

Etiket Arşivi: Elektroteks

Elektroteks: “Turkey still has a potential of being one of the key successions for US to struggle against China amid the trade war”

Baran Ozis: “To assist the effects of this ongoing situation in Turkey’s scale, Turkish Trade minister sees an opportunity to boost trade with the United States reinforcing an ambitious goal of quadrupling the bilateral trade to $100 billion a year ...

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Vivid innovation in mattress packaging machines: “ELEKTROTEKS”

Elektroteks was founded in 1990 by engineer Osman Guler to develop electronic and software solutions for the textile industry. In 2003, Elektroteks transformed its field of expertise into the production of mattress and quilting machines with its extensive knowledge gained ...

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Elektroteks – a constantly growing habit with new investments

  The company has been designing and successfully manufacturing a wide range of mattress machinery for 27 years   Expanded its production capacity over 50% in 2017 Elektroteks keeps its growth with investments and production planning tools   Designing machines ...

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Elektroteks increases R&D investments

Participating in Sleepwell Expo 2016, Elektroteks, a leading mattress machinery manufacturer in Turkey, has been increasing its R&D investments in 2017. As a company taking firm steps to be the leading global manufacturer for mattress and quilting production technologies,Elektroteks is ...

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Elektroteks tripled production

Moved recently into a new facility, Elektroteks shortens lead-time Aiming to develop new machinery, automation systems and production lines for the mattress industry, the company tripled its production in its new factory. Selling to 80 countries, general manager Orhan Guler ...

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