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Etiket Arşivi: textiles

Pollen on textiles – how to reduce your allergen load

Special finishes and new test set up for pollen adhesion / repellence may offer hay fever sufferers relief when using every day textiles.  BOENNIGHEIM – In a joint pilot study, scientists from the William Küster Institute at the Hohenstein Institute ...

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“Anti-dust mite textiles” can also relieve neurodermatitis symptoms

BOENNIGHEIM – For some time now, people who are allergic to house dust have had the pleasure of knowing when the textiles around them offer proven and effective protection against dust mites. In future, patients suffering from neurodermatitis may also ...

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Bekaert Textiles and Nanobionic announce ‘The NANOBIONIC mattress’

The partnership between Bekaert Textiles and Nanobionic bursts into innovation in bedding textiles. Bekaert Textiles and Nanobionic are thrilled to announce their partnership and proudly introduce a revolutionary treatment that will shape the future of bedding. Nanobionic is the next ...

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Bekaert Textiles and DesleeClama become BekaertDeslee Textiles

Bekaert Textiles and DesleeClama reached an agreement under which Bekaert Textiles will acquire DesleeClama to become the world’s leading mattress fabric supplier. The deal forms a strategic and cultural fit as both companies have an ambitious growth strategy and are ...

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“We provide confidence in textiles!”

Interview with Georg Dieners, General Secretary of the OEKO-TEX® Association ZURICH – Since the start of the year, Georg Dieners has been the General Secretary of the International OEKO-TEX® Association based in Zurich (Switzerland). The association of 16 independent textile ...

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