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Anasayfa / Raw Materials / “We believe that we are among the top 5 companies in the world”

“We believe that we are among the top 5 companies in the world”

We have interviewed Osman Güler, General Manager of Elektroteks.

Providing turn-key delivery of the facilities, Elektroteks manufactures all the machinery except spring for the mattress sector.

How would you describe Elektroteks briefly?

Elektroteks is a family business. We are working together with my two sons. In 1990, Elektroteks Co. was founded by Osman Guler in order to develop electronic and software solutions to textile industry. Then, with the strong technical infrastructure of the company, it started to produce complex control systems for machinery manufacturing and automotive industries under the brand of “Sayger Automation”.

In 2003, with the extensive know-how gained by being partners with different machinery manufacturers in various sectors, Elektroteks chose mattress and quilting machinery to expertise. In 2004, the first double needle continuous quilting machine in Turkey was produced and pioneered many innovations in the bedding industry.
With long years of know-how and the 2nd generation engineers’ involvement, Elektroteks takes firm steps to be the leading manufacturer for mattress and quilting production technologies by growing its capabilities in multidisciplinary production systems.

How much capital is needed to be a mattress producer?

We are a solution partner. People from many different sectors come to us to embark on the mattress sector. How much capital is needed for a company? Now there are many different facilities established from 200 thousand euros to 3-4 million euros in the mattress business. It depends on your production capacity.For example, a company with an aim to make 150 mattresses a day needs to prepare an average figure of 400-500 thousand euros.

Could you mention about the competitive power of Elektroteks?

According to our statistics, we believe that we are among the top 5 companies in the world and we are convinced on this fact.

Elektroteks offers the fastest and smoothest quilting among the machines in the market. The premium components used on the machine and extra strengthening processes end up with lifelong durability.

With the ability of quilting very different products, we offer perfect quilting quality for all the products from very thin garment products to thick materials for mattress industry with multiple layers including foam, visco, memory foam, latex, polyester fiber, non woven, jacquard fabric, knitted fabric and leather.

We have a fully automatic feeding system high speed double head single needle quilting machine for high end luxury mattress, home textile and upholstery works.

We offer serious solutions for the firms operating in mattress production. As an integrated facility, we believe that we are the best in the world.

Why does Elektroteks participate in Sleep Well Expo?

During the establishment of the first Fair, we gave support to our friends as much as possible. I think we get very good results. Friends who organize Sleep Well Expo have brought a certain potential by inviting different customers from different countries. Firms that produce materials for the mattress sector also attract their customers. Sleep Well Expo has turned out to be an ideal event for the sector professionals and manufacturers. We believe that Sleep Well Expo will make its impact felt in the mattress market in the future as well.

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