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“We have to go on stage in world markets with new products”

By growing its capacity with new investments Nano Spring meets demands of customers in shorter time.

Having a 15 years of experience in the industry, Nano Spring was established in 2013 and now it consolidates its position in the market with its innovative and customer centered business philosophy. Mentioning that the Sleep Well Expo fair has led fruitful contacts though they participated in for the first time, general manager Serkan Kir said that the world markets ask for more new products.

You moved to your factory. What are the returns of this investment?                                                                          Recently, we completed our new investment and started to produce on the machinery we bought last year. Now, we are getting orders one after another.

How fares the Sleep Well Expo for your company?
Though this was first for us, the fair was highly active and dynamic. We liked it and are satisfied. Actually, this year is a year of promotion for us. We try to settle our actions both in and out of the country. We are getting favorable results. In terms of both visitors and participant’s, the fair serves us to reach our target audiences.

Where were your visitors coming from?                                                                                                                                        We had talks with prospective buyers from Europe, the Balkans and Arabian countries, besides those coming from domestic firms. There were visitors from many countries of the world.

What was the impact of volatility in currency rates on production and exports?                                                                There is no adverse effect on our exports though it caused problems on domestic sales. Demands of foreign buyers maintain its normal levels. Our costs as well as costs of our buyers have gone up. So, we have to fight with these. I hope that we will be successful in the end. We try to do our best to overcome this.

Is there any additional comment you want to mention?                                                                                                          Now it is time to get on the stage in world markets with new products. We keep our efforts on this direction. We will strength our positios in the sector by producing new products.