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Bogazici Malzemecilik makes a difference in bed mechanisms

Having a wide range of furniture mechanisms and a history of more than 30 years, Boğaziçi Malzemecilik produces nearly 30 different types of mechanisms for the bed and bed base manufacturers.

Getting pride of being a mechanism producer and supplier of leading companies in Turkey such as; Yataş, Yatsan, Konfor, Bambi, İşbir and HKM Comfort, Bogazici Malzemecilik extends its product range. Before Sleep Well Expo 2019 we talked about the company’s activities with Savaş Çinçin, Proprietor of Bogazici Malzemecilik.

What are the facts that led you to make production in the mattress sub industry? Could you explain position of your company in your fields of production?

We, as Boğaziçi Malzemecilik, have a wide range of furniture mechanisms and a history of more than 30 years. We serve bed and bed base manufacturers with bed mechanisms, which constitute an important part of our product portfolio. We are proud of our country’s position in the world furniture industry. We believe that in order to strengthen this position of our country, both bed and general furniture sub-industry institutions have great responsibilities. We believe that we must become more efficient and more professional institutions in all processes from product design to production technologies. Today, the success of the Turkish furniture industry in the struggle for leadership in the world market is only possible with the same goal and the same vision and the same belief of the furniture sub-industry companies.

Could you brief us about your products and give us some examples about your leading customers and famous brand that prefer your products?

The products we produce can be classified as; sofa mechanisms, upholstery mechanisms, bed mechanisms, table mechanisms and furniture accessories. As in all product groups, our most important difference in bed mechanisms is that we offer new products, new solutions and new designs to the market in addition to standardized mechanisms. Customized bed mechanisms in different sizes and functions that are being produced for special customers in Europe, Asia, Africa and South America, Dualflex Bed Mechanism with 3 level back adjustment, wall bed mechanism, sliding connectors for head part connections and with the other products with different sizes, we produce nearly 30 different types of mechanisms for the bed and bed base manufacturers. We are proud to be mechanism producer and supplier of leading companies in Turkey such as; Yataş, Yatsan, Konfor, Bambi, İşbir, HKM Comfort.

Could you tell us about your machine park and your facilities?

First of all, we produce all the molds in our own molding department in the company. We use 3D design programs for first modeling process and for our mold designs. We are using CNC Wire EDM Machine, CNC Vertical Machining Center, turning center, milling, grinding machine and other metal processing machines for mold production process. In our production line, we produce subcomponents by using 100 to 350 tones capacity of presses, then we assemble our products with 10 tones capacity of automatic feeding assembly presses, rivet fastening machines and special assembly equipment in our assembly line.

What would you say about supplying of raw materials needed for mattress production from domestic or foreign sources?

Our main raw material input is sheet metal. We use large quantities of sheet metal and also rivets, automat connectors, wire springs, bolts, nuts, washers and similar materials. In all of our raw material and semi-finished product purchases, we pay attention to use 100% domestic raw materials produced in Turkey and we work with local producers. As our factory is located in a very central and advantageous location in terms of raw material supply, we have no problems about logistics.

Which international and national fairs do you participate in?

We regularly take participate in Sleep Well Expo Istanbul and Intermob Istanbul exhibitions in Turkey. Among the overseas fairs we have attended are INTERZUM Germany, INTERZUM Guangzhou China, FURNICA Poland, EGYWOODEX Egypt, FIM Dubai, INDEX Qatar, FERIA Colombia, WOODEX Alger Algeria. We are planning to continue our domestic and international exhibitions in the same way in 2020.

How do you consider the development of the needs of mattress industry in Turkey? What are you planning to do for export in 2020?

2019 is a hard and challenging year for the whole market. We observe that domestic companies are more oriented towards export in this process. The number of companies that have just started to export is quite large. As Boğaziçi Malzemecilik, 2019 was one of the years in which we received the return on our investments in export process. Our exports in 2019 are at a higher level compared to last year. However, we will see the exact figures at the end of the year. Our export target for the year 2020 is primarily to acquire new markets in untouched regions. We will of course try to increase our sales in the countries where our customers and dealers already exist. Besides that, our main target for 2020 will be to increase our export volume as well as the number of countries that we export.

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