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Comfytex conducts the best R&D in the mattress industry

Comfytex is one of the biggest companies that commit themselves to the mattress cover industry worldwide. Comfytex means successful projects and ideas.

The firm is awarded in various categories at home and abroad by various institutions and fair organizers like Interzum.

Ayfer Erdoğan, Sales and Marketing Director of Comfytex, tells their best seller products in domestic and international market in 2019.

What was your best demanding product in domestic and foreign markets?

Our product of avicenna pain reliever had more impact than we expected. It was preferred by lots of companies due to it is good features for the pains of muscle, joint and bone. It is also a fact that it provides better quality sleep.

Our product Borjen is unique since it’s my own and the features of its content. Moreover it is our one of the best-selling products in the domestic market.

Another of our most demanded products is OXYCORE, which was produced by advanced technology as a solution of decreasing amount of oxygen in air due to the contamination and pollution of the environmental and nature. Thanks to the feature of it contains, it absorbs carbon dioxide and increases the amount of oxygen in the environment during sleep. Thanks to this quality, it has become one of our most demanded products for the consumers who want to meet their need of healthy and quality sleep.

Which fairs will you attend in 2020? What do you expect from these fairs?

We are going to be at the fair of Sleep Well Expo next September. We think that it is an effective fair where we can respond quickly and get expecting results.

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