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Mert Mattress Machinery: India Mattresstech means prestige for us

Mert Mattress Machinery Sales and Marketing Director İbrahim Ethem Yıldırım shared his predictions and thoughts about the fair with Sleep Tech magazine before the India Mattresstech Fair.

Mr. İbrahim expressing in his speech to our magazine that India is an important market, stated that the fair held in this country also means gaining prestige for them. Yıldırım, stating that Mert Mattress Machinery dominates a serious field at the fair, said that they will exhibit both their previously showcased machines as well as their machines that have not been introduced yet and contain significant R&D.

What are your expectations from India Mattresstech Fair?

India Mattresstech is taking place among the fairs that we have participated in for a long time and that we are a significant partner. That the country has a significant population and that there are companies that are open to technology in mattress production, which takes place in a country that has the habit of working with Turks in the Asian market, even though it cannot receive many visitors from other countries, always keeps our perspective on this fair at a different level. We think that it has helped us to move the name of our company up in terms of prestige.

How did you prepare for the fair as Mert Mattress Machinery? Can you mention your collections that will be showcased at the fair?

We will operate our quilting machine and mattress roll packaging machine, which are different from each other, in our 260 m2 area at this fair. We had the opportunity to exhibit some of our different projects that we offered to the benefit of our mattress manufacturers in the past years and at the beginning of this year, and we have not introduced some of them yet. We worked on the introduction of these machines. Of course, we will also have the opportunity to introduce new technologies in which our R&D studies continue.

In this fair, we can exhibit our new robotic production lines, high-speed robot-integrable mattress production lines, our new quilting machine running at 1400 rpm, our mattress stacking – panel stacking system, Hemmer system, which have generally been added to our product range newly, in this fair and we will experience a fair where we can give information about the current machines we are developing on.

How will the fair affect the export of Mert Mattress Machinery? Can we get your predictions?

India is a country that we attach great importance to, where we have a showroom and where we have investments together with Saan Global, our sole authority in technical service and sales. This fair will be a fair that not only benefit our exports, but also be a fair where we can explain ourselves more easily to new producers. As in every Indian fair, we think that we will have hot sales and make preliminary agreements in this fair. Of course, it is an inevitable fact that this will contribute to both Mert Makina’s exports and our country.

What kind of influence of the fair do you expect on the Turkish mattress components industry?

India is a country where there are people who can organize very quickly. It is a country where the decision-making process is going slow but very serious investments are made. This will definitely have positive and negative repercussions. It is very important for us to take part in this trend, so to speak, and for Turkish manufacturers to market their products here and hold their hand fast in terms of gaining a place. We are seeing more and more names of Turkish companies in this fair every day, we will definitely see the benefit of this as a country, but it should not be forgotten that the competitive prices in this market and the conditions in India are getting heavier and the competition is increasing more and more.