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Natural Mattress Materials: Inno

Inno Bedding Materials is a company that produces many natural materials that humanity has used for sleeping since its existence in production facilities having modern conditions and serves as a supplier to those who want to p0roduce natural mattress and the mattress manufacturers in this regard.

At the beginning of human history, people mostly met their need for sleeping in rock cavities, caves or tree branches to protect themselves from predators. But over time, they started to sleep on animal furs for the pursuit of comfort. Later, they made beds for themselves with various leaves, straw and wool obtained from animals. After this, with the discovery of other vegetable fibers such as cotton we can say that the adventure of sleep and bed has passed to a different stage. Because of the difficulties in obtaining and using natural materials, the mattresses made of synthetic materials have developed a lot in the last century due to the increase in petrochemical products with the development of the industry, and accordingly natural materials have become almost unusable in the mattress industry. That availability of natural materials is hard and some difficulties are encountered while using them has caused people to prefer mattresses made of synthetic materials. However, over time, some disadvantages of beds made from petrochemical products have emerged compared to natural beds, but since the availability of natural materials has become difficult, beds made of natural materials have decreased considerably. At this point, 7 years ago, Inno Yatak, basing on this idea, brought natural materials that were not available in Turkey, and presented them and those in Turkey to the use of mattress manufacturers. In order to encourage mattress manufacturers, it started to produce mattresses under the brand name Innova Bedding and pioneered a great change in the sector.


We know that natural materials have been created for the maximum benefit of people with their unique properties. Therefore, we unearth these properties of these materials, which have been forgotten today and offer them to the use and benefit of people. If we give an example of wool:

We know that wool has over 40 benefits for human health. The most important feature of this is that wool has a reducing effect on human health caused by electromagnetic waves, which is one of the biggest problems recently, and it provides thermal insulation, which is one of the most well-known features of wool,

It is so that, there is a very misunderstood fact that wool is thought to be used only in winter. However, wool keeps it cool in summer and warm in winter. Wool does not sweat. It prevents the formation of pests such as fleas. Since wool does not conduct electricity, it has antistatic properties. It is also a safe material because of its very low flammability. While one of the main purposes of wool socks, which were frequently used by the people in rural areas in the past, was to keep them warm, one of the main purposes was the need to be protected from snakes, scorpions and insects. So that, one of the reasons of that shepherds wear felt cloak is to protect them from being struck by lightning. One of the unknown benefits of wool is that it provides silence and increases relaxation. We can count many more benefits related to wool, but for now, it is enough with this. Let’s talk a little bit about cotton; it is used in many areas, especially in clothing, which is obtained in certain geographies including our country in particular. The biggest feature of cotton is that it naturally provides moisture management. Basing on the knowledge that a person sweets about 1 kg during the night, we can say that the absorption of this sweat and the increase of sleep comfort by drying it quickly are achieved by cotton. However, products such as fibers made from petrochemical production, polyester, polypropylene, nylon and acrylic do not absorb moisture because they are water repellent, so people stay moist and sleep comfort decreases. Cotton also prevents static electricity and is one of the ideal products for a comfortable sleep and bed. Apart from wool and cotton, latex, horsehair, coco, that is, coconut, linen, hemp, camel wool, cashmere, bamboo, silk have different properties that we cannot count here at the moment. These are products created in nature for the benefit of man.


Three types of natural materials are used in the mattress sector.

First: Beds With One Layer of Natural Material. It is the use of natural materials to be used only on one layer of the bed. For example, wool or cotton can be used on one layer of the bed and standard materials can be used on the rest to benefit the bed.

Secondly: mattresses, which consist of a combination of several natural materials and synthetic materials. They are what we call hybrid or Hybrid beds. Here, several natural mattress materials are brought together and some of the layers in the mattress are made using natural materials and some of them are made using standard materials Dec. The naturalness rate is slightly higher. Such beds are more convenient for a person to sleep more comfortably.

Third: Natural Beds without Chemicals. This category is a 100% natural and chemical-free mattress group, which is very difficult to produce and become suitable for general widespread use both in terms of the supply of materials and the total cost. Just as there is a convenience in every difficulty, the contribution of 100% natural beds to human health and sleep quality, as well as to the sustainable natural environment, is very great. In the nature of man, he has a predisposition to natural products and the products he will be most comfortable with are natural products. With this knowledge, beds made of natural materials are at the highest level of comfort and health.