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New and improved SonoCore process

Latexco introduces its second SonoCore line at the production facility in Tielt, Belgium. This unique and patented production process gives the product a never seen quality in the world of latex.

At Interzum, the world’s trade show for furniture industry suppliers, this past May,

Latexco introduced a revolutionary way of making latex through a proprietary

manufacturing processes called the Sonocore process. Now a second line is operational adding new features to further develop the process and enlarge the unique product range.

The SonoCore process uses revolutionary technology innovations combined with a, for this specific process, fine-tuned latex compound formulation! This method works on the endogenous vulcanisation principle, from inside to outside. With the new line we do not only apply the SonoCore vulcanisation but also the SonoCore drying technology. Thanks to this new technology the product has unique properties.

Unique product properties

The SonoCore technology enables us to produce latex toppers with a unique height. The density of the latex can be controlled much better which leads to a softer feeling, better ventilation and a higher moisture regulation. Result: a higher sleep comfort that cannot be achieved by the traditional Dunlop or Talalay process. The durability is much higher and is outperforming all latex products on the market thanks to its uniform and homogeneous cell structure. The same cell structure results in a product with a superb resilience and excellent ventilation.

Ecological footprint

The SonoCore process allows us to produce with a reduction of energy requirements. By using the SonoCore vulcanisation we need 1/3 of the energy for vulcanising and drying, and we have a minimal of heat lost.