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Bed Covers starts at new facility



Having been in the business since 1989 as high volume producer of textiles, the Bed Covers moved in a new factory in 2016, equipped with latest Technologies and started to produce more specific bed covers. Deputy general manager Duygu Gunaydin informed about her company and recent developments they have experienced.

Would you brief on the first halfof the year from your company’spoint of view?

In the first half of the year our firm has invested 2.1 million dollars with its own resources in a new factory of 3500 sqm that has been built in Saraykoy Kazan, Ankara. We aimed to produce the highest quality in this factory combining our quality staff with knowledge and modern systems.

What is the value added by your new facility to your brand?

The innovations that are broughtby this new production facility andthe machinery used have improvedour manufacturing spacesand quality as well as the speedof production. These are valuablepoints for our brand equity andour capacity and performance onthe way of catching our targets.

What has been changed when you moved into your new facility?

Our production volume wasincreased by 300 %. The timeand speed that we saved in thefactory has enabled us to expandour product varieties andto develop new products. In linewith these developments oursales volume and productionratios have been increasing. Allof these, and the growing saleshave empowered our effortsand our competitive power ininternational markets.

What are your additional comments?

depo2 Our visions and missions are to produce new values for the humanity and for the economy, being open to the environmental developments, to offer higher quality for better customer satisfaction to be an innovate and a distinguished brandin the sector. For this reason wesay that our motto is “time tochange.”




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