Anasayfa / Etiket Arşivi: Mechanism

Etiket Arşivi: Mechanism

Functional products from Mekanizma Dünyası

Mekanizma Dunyası (Mechanism World) produces functional items that expands utility of products Producing mechanical parts for hotels and homes in its factory of 2500 sqm Mekanizma Dünyası aims to enhance the lives of people. Owner of the company, Mehmet Pucak, ...

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Ersan Madeni opens to American market

Producing metal, moving and electronic mattress systems for more than 30 years Ersan Madeni added several products into its production line such as beds with hygienic fibers, gelled visco foam pads and smart sleep systems. Brand owner Aynur Erman informed ...

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Ersan Madeni leads the way in mattress technologies

Ersan Madeni , Boxspring and mechanism and mechanism parts manufacturer leading company, designs its collection by bringing together many factors; comfort aesthetics, individuality quality etc.. Ersan directs the bedding sector by new technologies. The company is also the most important ...

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