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Ersan Madeni leads the way in mattress technologies

Ersan Madeni , Boxspring and mechanism and mechanism parts manufacturer leading company, designs its collection by bringing together many factors; comfort aesthetics, individuality quality etc.. Ersan directs the bedding sector by new technologies. The company is also the most important mechanism exporter in Turkey.

“By inspiration from nature we start to produce natural mattresses because we know that for better sleep we must return sense of nature. When we produce these natural mattresses we use organic cotton, organic wool, spring which support the muscles and backbone, etc. for healthier and quality sleep,” says an official of Ersan Madeni. And continues:

“Production policy of the Ersan Madeni is to give sense of belong, we know that everyone wants to design their home with their own story so we just produce lifestyle. Our main idea is that “Freedom and warm home environment” in this regard we reflect a different sensation with modernism details like the effect of the color of fabrics, feet forms, headboard designs etc. Also we will describe our company the best boutique manufacturer company in that case we evaluate every details which receive from customers.

“At the 2016 and 2017 we aim to be everywhere at the World therefore we will attend many fairs in Europe and America. Within this period we go on to our preparation for new collection with our research and development department and designers. We would like to provide various feelings to our customers with this new collection.”

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