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Macro benefits from micro pocket coils for the industry!

  Recognized as the most innovative supplier of quality components, SPINKS SPRINGS design and build its own machinery to produce game-changing products. Established in 2009, Spinks Springs is a leading supplier of unique, micro pocket coils to the furniture and bedding ...

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The industry sticks to Sefa Chemical’s exclusive products!

The leading brand of the adhesive industry, Sefa Chemical attracts attention with its products that are used in various sectors. Firms in the mattress, packaging, carpet, hygiene, textile, printing and construction industries do not give up Sefa Chemical.   Increasing ...

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Boycelik – A company where quality and innovative springs are forefront

As one of the forthcoming investments of Boydak Holding, an industrial leader in Turkey and all over the world Boycelik is a raw materials supplier of Europe’s largest mattress and furniture manufacturers… A forerunner in manufacturing industry with quality products ...

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Yatas Foam is preparing to make a fast progress on exports with investments

Having the distinction of being the first foam factory in Anatolia, Yatas Foam is preferred in Turkey, especially in Kayseri with quality products. Since its establishment, Yatas, a global brand in bedding, furniture and home textiles, has doubled its investments. ...

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Satisfied with your polypropylene clearing? What if there is more?

Wetzikon, Switzerland – The contamination of cotton with synthetic fibers is still a common concern for spinning mills. Especially white or transparent polypropylene fibers from bale packaging can affect the quality of the spun yarn. If the polypropylene contaminations are ...

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