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A bulls eye shot for the industry

Feryal Zippers aims to higher shares in foreign markets for its assertive products.

Having a powerful production and innovative structure, Feryal Zippers produces zippers for the mattress and mattress cover manufacturers. Proprietor of the company Akin Bebek shared his views about Sleep Well Expo with Sleep Tech Magazine.
Which kind of products did you exhibit in Sleep Well Expo fair?                                                                                            We participated in the fair to exhibit our products as a zipper producer.

How fares the fair for you?                                                                                                                                                           There were qualified visitors in
the fair this year. The people we met were all have high potential of sales.

What is the share of your exports?                                                                                                                                              There are certain products that were designed especially for foreign markets, that are exported directly, and special products for domestic market. Besides, there are other products that are sold first in domestic market than offered to foreign buyers. Our aim is to increase our exports and so we emphasize on our activities directed to foreign markets.

Especially in recent period, fluctuation of currency rates has serious impact on our efforts. We try to bring more currency to our country by improving our sales in abroad. We want to produce more and higher quality products.
In line with fast grooving mattress industry zippers are improved.

What are the major developments in the zipper sector of the market?                                                                                        Yes, the sector is improving continuously. Firms regenerate themselves and we also keep pace with the developments. Recently our matching type of zippers used in mattress covers attracted interests of manufacturers because it adapts to length differences of the sides. So, we have focused on this product in the fair.

How do you evaluate the developments in the fair as a long standing participant?                                                            The fair is important for us because it is focused on the mattress industry. We, as all the suppliers of the sector, want that the fair should be successful, so we have been participating in every year. This means a bulls eye shot for our industry. Producers can find every products and accessories they need in the fair. They met with powerful producers and suppliers, they establish contacts and cooperation. The exhibitors introduce their products directly to their potential buyers. At this point, we found Sleep Well so successful for the