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Boycelik – A company where quality and innovative springs are forefront

As one of the forthcoming investments of Boydak Holding, an industrial leader in Turkey and all over the world Boycelik is a raw materials supplier of Europe’s largest mattress and furniture manufacturers… A forerunner in manufacturing industry with quality products and on-time service, Boycelik is an innovative company operating in the mattress manufacturing industry parts.

We spoke with Feridun Tosun, International Marketing Director of Boycelik, about their success story for being a respectful world brand.

What kind of preparations did you make for Interzum Cologne? Could you tell us about the products you will exhibit at the fair?

We, as Boycelik Export Team, completed all our preparations for Interzum Cologne 2019. We will exhibit all kind of our products such as Bonnel Spring, Pocket Spring, Zigzag Spring and steel wire and including our new innovative products. We recently started to manufacture our new pocket spring which called Duracoil plus that kind of spring gives more comfortable on edges of mattress and has no need to use any kind of foam around the mattress which has positive cost advantage on mattress as well.

What is the importance of this fair for your company and sector?

Interzum Cologne exhibition is one the most important exhibition in mattress industry held every 2 years in Germany. The leaders of the industry attend to this fair.

What are your expectations from the fair?

It is very important for us to show our new products in this fair. We believe that many customers all around the world including new ones in this industry who are willing to open new mattress manufacturers plant will visit this fair that will give us a chance to meet them in our stand.

How do you evaluate the development of the sector?

Mattress industry is growing recently. We hear that many of new companies start to manufacture mattresses every year and we also see that many of mattress manufacturers makes investment to increase their production capacity that increase has a positive effect on mattress industry because of that all mattress component manufacturers such as, spring, felt, fabric, foam etc.  They are also increasing their production capacity including machinery manufacturers.

Do you have any recent investments or new products?

Boycelik has a vision to meet all mattress companies all around the world, in this respect we always focus on new markets and try to find new clients. That idea always keeps us strong on marketing and we are running to reach our targets all the time this forces to make us investment. We have seen that pocket spring demands are increasing year by year that’s why we focus on pocket spring investment and always find new kind of pocket springs.


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