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Anasayfa / Accessories / Gizgrup meets every need in bedding accessories

Gizgrup meets every need in bedding accessories

* Gizteks emerges in booming mattress industry with its Gizplast and Gizprinting brands by offering variety of products


We made an interview with Eser Karakaslar, a partner of the firm and Ersen Firtina, export manager to talk about Gizgrup story while preparing to exhibit wide range of products in Interzum Cologne Fair. Assessing the Interzum fair as a productive platform that get together firms coming from different markets, Firtina said that they were going to introduce their products, catalogues and product samples in the fair.


Will you mention about the structure of the firm and its development?

Eser Karakaslar: We offer accessories aiming mattress manufacturers such as mattress ribbons, air capsules, carrying handles, and labels. We do not sell imported materials, we produce them in the country at our own factory. Large range of our products are our powerful side.

We have three brand names under Gizgrup name, Gizteks, Gizplast and Gizprinting. Gizteks produces mattress bands, knitted bands, narrow woven bands. Gizplast is for plastic products including mattress air capsules, base corner protectors, etc. Gizpinting produces labels for mattresses as saten stickers, embroidered varieties.


Which points are important in the production?
We produce variety of products for mattress producers. Woven, metal, printing and plastics are our production lines. We met several needs of manufacturers. Since we produce these products at our factory we have a real cost advantage over competitors.


Which products do you put forward in Interzum Cologne?

Ersan Firtina: We introduce our products besides catalogues and product sample sheets during the fair. We are participating in the fair for the fourth time which has satisfied our expectations. It was very fruitful for us because we met there with buyers from different countries. The fair grows continuously and expand its visitor profile. So, we are hopeful about the results this year as well.


Let’s talk about your foreign trade… With which countries do you have contacts?

Ersen Firtina: Two people are employed in foreign trade department. We address to different markets with different languages. They work hard. Interzum means a good facility for us. We can find and talk many potential customers at one stop.


Is there any point you want to add?

Ersen Firtina: Mattress industry grows both in Turkey and in the world. Furniture companies started to produce mattresses. Share of Turkey’s in the world is growing. Though the transport of the products is costly due to their sizes, we got many miles in this way. The industry renews itself and develops continuously. Most of the factories keep investing. Once they were producing a few number of variety, now they have up to 25 mattress models in their product portfolio. These are good. We wish to have more.


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