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Anasayfa / Machinery / Lineer Makina signifies innovative solutions coupled with utmost expertise for the mattress industry

Lineer Makina signifies innovative solutions coupled with utmost expertise for the mattress industry

We have recently interviewed Saffet Güngör of Lineer Makina. He has briefed information on the laborsaving and brand-new activities of the Company.


Saffet Güngör said, “Lineer Makina- Lineer Machinery” has been operating in the field of mattress manufacturing and storage lines, foam cutting and packaging machinery, panel furniture machinery in particular. Our company has turned out to be the first one in Turkey which is able to manufacture fully automatic mattress storage and stockpiling machinery.”

“The height of mattress storage and stockpiling can reach at 24 meter. By means of automation system, storage department does not need any operator, thereby increasing the productivity of the company.”

Saffet Güngör pointed out, “We produce several machinery to reduce the number of labor needed in the manufacturing processes and aiming to increase the production capacities. We make the automation systems for these machinery. We can say that Lineer Makina is a good solution partner for our customers. One of the shelving automation projects is that we completed to one of our customers is a good example for this. Earlier 40 people and 4 forklifts were working in this section. Thanks to our system, only two workers can manage the whole operations.”

He added, “With barcode system we embedded in, products that will be delivered to a certain buyer can be transported and delivered to the buyer with robotic movements. We have other machinery for foam packing, foam vacuuming, both are approved by global standards for their authenticity.”

“Lineer Makina is headed towards a future bright with new technology and innovation, where increas­ing numbers of people will be able to enjoy the fruits of automation they deserve.”



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