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Anasayfa / Actuel / “One out of ten people in 103 countries sleep on our products”

“One out of ten people in 103 countries sleep on our products”

Increasing its export markets continually with the driving force of R&D studies and innovation, Boyteks will have attended over 20 international trade fairs by the end of the current year.

Specialized in innovative mattress ticking fabrics Boyteks has been adding new markets to its export countries through its sustainable achievements. We had a joyful interview with Mr. Aydin Aydin, Marketing Manager of Boyteks at their production facilities in Kayseri.

Would you share the latest information about the global market conditions (market size, potential, competition, product and technological developments, etc.) in the area you are operating?

The global market for mattress ticking, upholstery fabrics and carpets in which we have realized our productions is continuously growing in parallel with the technology. The BOYTEKS brand has a market share of nearly 10% globally in the bedding fabrics. Our upholstery group is also among the top 10 brands on the global scale. Our aim in carpet is also to achieve this success. As BOYTEKS, we focus closely on the phenomena that develop in the field of science and innovations produced and how we can adapt them to the fabric in the most effective way. We aim to base the competition on human benefit as a firm with social responsibility rather than price-based. In this respect, we aim to make the competition as natural and human as BOYTEKS brand not only with our products but also with our company policy.

Could you furnish us with more information about your power in the sector and your export performance? How much exports did you make in 2017? What is the share of your export revenues in your total turnover?

Our BOYTEKS brand produces bedding fabrics, upholstery fabrics and machine carpets that we call industrial textiles. In 2017 we exported to 103 countries with our brand BOYTEKS. We are among Turkey’s top 10 brands in this field. We have an export volume of around USD 140 million.

What are the different features of you on the global market?

Every new product we offer is an inspiration for our customers. We offer an opportunity for producers to add value to their products and to differentiate their products for them. We have the principle to touch the lives of the end consumers without making any concessions from quality and aesthetic concerns in the textile products we produce. In this context, we change the perspective of industrial textile by our products which we produce in order to make life easier and healthier for users.

Are there any markets in your industry that everyone tries to enter but you export? If so, would you give detailed information about these markets?

Some countries are imposing excess tax rates on textile products to support their local producers. For this reason, many producers cannot carry out marketing activities for these countries. As BOYTEKS, we only distinguish our brands with our special innovative products in these markets and we are the reason for preference. We even export our innovative products to China, which compels global market competition with reasonable prices at a great deal of prices.

Are there new jobs, market searches, or even more effective places in the export field?

Our quest for new markets is ongoing. Our specialist regional manager can focus on even the smallest countries in the region with our friends and try to realize our sales to the countries where your child does not even hear the name, which seems to be a point even on the map.

What are the main targets of Boyteks set for 2018?

We have completed the year as the export champion for the last 4 years in Kayseri where we have realized our productions as BOYTEKS. We set our targets for 2018 as growth of over 10% in exports and turnover. We are continuing our efforts to ensure that the added value per kilogram of product is maintained at the upper levels. Now export unit kg. our price is more than about 3 times the average in Turkey. We want to carry this ratio even higher with the power of R & D and innovation. At the end of this year we will be participating in more than 20 fairs.

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