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Quality and Dynamics Perfection. Totally; Milkay

4 Continents. 76 Countries. 1 Mission. Quality and Dynamics Perfection. Totally; Milkay

Depending on its recent investments and rising production, Milkay has expanded its export markets to 76. Oguz Ozev, sales and marketing manager of the company informed about their export activities.


What was the return of your recent investments you made in the production from global markets?

With the recent investments we made in our factory, we have become one of the largest producers of felts in the world. In a global world that channels of communication were proliferated, companies can reach to the products they need and the suppliers of them. It forces the companies to act more dynamically. Milkay Technic Textile industry we offer solutions, facilities and advantages in their needs for felt to companies all over the world who produce mattresses, coaches and sofas. We also support to our customers by reducing their procurement and stock keeping costs.


What countries do you target to enter?

Since our foundation, our sales in export markets are growing continuously. By now, customers in 76 countries have encountered with our Milkay felts. By participating in related fairs, we aim to expand our market coverage and share especially in American and African continents.


What should be the specifications of felts that are used in mattress manufacturing?

Basically it is made of by recycling of textile wastes and has an important function in the manufacturing of mattresses. Felt is a material that carries a critical role for the comfort and durability of the mattress. The hardness of the felt may be adjusted according to the desires and preferences of end users. However, both the quality of the raw materials used in the felt production and the quality of felt that is the result of experience in the production are both important for our company. When compared with total cost of mattresses, the cost/price ratio of felt seems to become negligible for some cases.

The up-to-date technology in Milkay textile is the most important factor in the quality of the product. We produce at the highest productivity rates in our factory. Using quality raw materials and operating on modern machinery in the factory we can be able to produce high grade of felts. We have TSEK and ISO quality certificates that were supported by other systems and process development procedures.


What differences are between the felts produced in Turkey and in abroad? Which country takes the lead? And why?

Our products can be grouped by their hardness. Hard felts are used as top of the mattress over springs. Jute fiber felts are used in coaches and softer products as supporting material. Other kinds that we produce are, cotton-woolen black felt that used in quilts, thermo bond felts are for home appliance and construction industries, and automotive felts for automotive industry.

In our business, every stage of the production is important from selection and procurement of raw materials, quality of labor, and the selling stage. Having required equipment as in the other fields, Turkish exporters have proved the value of  “Made in Turkey” motto in all countries in the globe. Local producers and Chinese companies are our major competitors in certain markets in abroad.

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