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Anasayfa / Raw Materials / Representative of mechanized mattresses in many regions

Representative of mechanized mattresses in many regions

Having preferred in 19 countries with its investments and advanced mechanized products; Ersan Madeni will be exhibiting at Canadian Furniture Show with these products produced under Smartrest brand.

We interviewed Aynur Erman, General Manager and Owner of Ersan Madeni Eşya Sanayi Ltd., about mechanized mattresses directed to lots of needs as well as swiftly being popularized.

Can we listen shortly about your firm?

Ersan Madeni Eşya Sanayi Ltd is a family-run company established in 1967. In 2008, I handed over the company and together with this we have started exports. Our mechanisms are manufactured under Smartrest brand, in addition, there is also two businesses with A & E Primus Betten brand which is represented the finished mattresses.

In which countries are mechanized mattresses preferred mostly?

We manage our sales mostly in Europe. We export as 95%. We manufacture at free zone where only exporter firms can be able to manufacture at this zone. Together with our investments we made in this sector, there are good developments in the countries where mechanism is not used. Currently we export to 19 countries.

How do you manage your activities in markets abroad?

We have distributorships and dealerships. Lastly, we gave dealership to Canada. In May, we are going to join the fair together with certain regions of America and our dealers in Canada and also our export activities will start to that region.

What about your feedbacks from the fairs abroad?

We get quite positive reactions even from the regions where mobile mattress culture is not available. They also have efforts on behalf of making up such kind of trend.

Would you inform us about your production capacity?

Our production capacity is quite high in terms of mechanisms. In fact, we have a very advanced facility. There are our state-of-the-art-technological machines and an outstanding metal infrastructure.

Will there be new product works in upcoming period?

As such an advanced mechanism, actually we are a single producer in Turkey. We do not remain at our place at all and our R & D studies continue studiously. As I say every time a company which does not have R&D power cannot stand on foot any time and even it cannot keep its existence. In other words, as long as R&D activities are not robust a company does not operate very well. There are very well projects of ours; we will see the most improved ones of these products next year especially at fairs.

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