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Yatas Foam is preparing to make a fast progress on exports with investments

Having the distinction of being the first foam factory in Anatolia, Yatas Foam is preferred in Turkey, especially in Kayseri with quality products. Since its establishment, Yatas, a global brand in bedding, furniture and home textiles, has doubled its investments.

With 43 years of experience in the sector, Yatas Group continues to grow by extending its active areas and expanding its targets. Yatas Foams are used in all sectors. We talked about the activities of Yatas Foam Company with its Manager Mehmet Ozenc.

As a leading brand in the bedding sector, we know that you started to produce foams. How do you evaluate your company’s move in this direction?

Yes, it is true. The basis of Yatas is Suntas that was established in 1976. It is the first foam factory in Anatolia. In 1996, it was the first company traded in Istanbul Stock Exchange in this field. Even today, our company, which shows the success of the foam factory investment having a high investment and operating cost, made great contributions to the sector and the region. Products of the company are sold in Kayseri and vicinity and have been used and preferred especially in Turkey. In the following periods, emphasis was placed on the production of bedding, home textiles and furniture. Finally, in 2017, we invested significantly in the foam and our capacity was tripled. When we look at this development, we always perform the firsts thanks to our quality and service-oriented employees. With its 43 years of experience and its corporate identity our company made great contributions to the industry and in the coming years we will continue to service successfully to our customers.

Can you tell us about the variety of foams you produce? What are the main features that make your products noticeable?

In our factory, we produce foams for the furniture, automotive, footwear, textile, sound insulation, and lamination industries. Foams are actually used almost in all products that we have in living spaces. But we are not able to notice this because several coatings are made on this basic product. What makes Yataş Foam different is the quality of our products, together with our product diversity, and our quality bar is always high, independent of changing economic and social conditions.

Could you tell us about your monthly production capacity?

We have production and cutting capacity of 50 thousand cubic meters per month. The investment we have made on the latest systems and machines is ready for the infrastructure that will increase the capacity to 100 thousand cubic meters as soon as possible.

Could you tell us about the new types of foam you have recently produced? What kinds of foams in the sector are more demanded?

The main market of the foam sector is the furniture sector. Foams between 14 dn and 45 dn are demanded in the furniture industry. In the automotive sector, non-flammable foams and late-yellowing types and laminated foams are used in the textile sector.

Which countries do you export to?

We started our export activities at the end of 2018 with the completion of investments. We export our products to Georgia and Israel. Foam is one of the most difficult products to export due to transportation costs. We have invested on vacuuming and pressing machinery which eliminate this disadvantage and we continue to do so. It can be exported to several countries starting from our neighboring countries to America by using these pressing techniques. We aim to increase the number of countries from 2 to 5 by the end of 2019.

What are the fairs you have attended in Turkey and abroad? Is there a fair in the near future for you to attend?

Since our capacity did not support higher sales until 2017, we could not participate in domestic and foreign trade fair organizations. However, as I mentioned before, with the increasing capacity and renewed technology with the investments in 2017, we aim to attend 2 fairs in a year as of 2020; one domestic and the other in abroad. The fairs we will participate will be in the concept of suppliers or material fairs.

What do you want to add about the foam industry?

6.5 million m3 of foam is made annually in Turkey. This corresponds to almost 145,000 tons of raw material. All of these raw materials are imported from abroad. Almost all of the inputs are imported and almost 85% of the product cost is composed of raw material, raw material supply process and production constraints due to external dependency and threats as well as being extremely affected by exchange rate fluctuations. These are the biggest problems of the sector. As the producers in the foam industry, the only way to provide added value to our company and our country is to make use of the resources most efficiently and act export-oriented. As Yatas Foam family, we are striving to use these raw materials in the most efficient manner to use the national resources of the country in accordance with its purpose. Unfortunately, due to price and competitive wars, the quality of foams produced in the markets are lowered in order to reduce the cost, and make them attractive to the users at first glance. However, the products made with these foams have a short life span or a refund. Producers faced big financial and moral losses due to this preference of theirs to get price advantages.

Finally, I recommend that the users should be aware of the raw material costs, the largest part of end products, and emphasize on the quality of the foams they use in their products. The appearance of foams may be the same, but their quality cannot be clearly understood by their appearance only. When we devote a part of our time to quality measurement and learning, we can learn how to test by touching and looking closely. The price is obviously important for the costs of end products and for competition but this is not only dimension. Our expectations from the sector and customers are that they have to use high quality raw materials, produce high quality products, and extend this quality culture into the sector and not waste the national resources of the country.

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