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Allbeco continues to pursue innovation for mattress industry

As we have seen in Sleepwell expo 2015 Allbeco has been getting to be a more important player in the mattress industry. From all around the world they find the innovative and new developed products. As we can see they are also able to follow closely the technological developments. “Imagine a bed that continually senses your pressure distribution and then automatically adapts to redistribute pressures away from vulnerable parts of the body. Stop choosing your bed with traditional methods. Use BodiTrak to choose the right mattress for your health and sleep comfort,” says an official of Allbeco. BodiTrak Pressure Mapping System is one of the leader technological development in mattress industry right now. The demand for this system is increasing with each passing day in local and international market. For the stop wrong mattress choose this system is the right material in all markets.BodiTrak’s Fabric pressure mapping systems use advanced elastic sensors with built-in Smart USB electronics – affordable, flexible, stretchable, portable and easy-to-use. Simply plug the USB cable into your computer or connect to Smart Systems using WiFi and web browser interfaces.The heart of our system is an innovative pressure sensing fabric that is stretchable and breathable.

It has been identified with research healthy people sweat 500-1000 ml per day and Most of that happening at night. BREATHAIR® engaged in this case and protect people from harmful bacteria and also to provide air circulationBREATHAIR® is a washable cushion material with excellent durability. The fibers in BREATHAIR® are arranged in a complex three-dimensional structure. One way to describe the appearance of the fibers is that they appear similar in structure to a block of instant noodles made from white plastic.

BREATHAIR® has many characteristics: air permeability, cushioning characteristics, water permeability, durability, safe, antibacterial properties and kind to the environment to name but a few. Mattresses and pillows made with BREATHAIR® are not prone to sweatiness and this makes it easy for you to move around and turn over in bed at night. BREATHAIR® bedding allows you to sleep as much as you want in comfort.

Moreover, BREATHAIR® is widely used in hospitals and care facilities because it is easy to wash and also conforms to SEK standards* to limit the propagation of bacteria. Due to its excellent durability, BREATHAIR® has been adopted for use in the seats on N700 Series Shinkansen trains as well as other train lines and motorcycle seats.


One of the most fashionable trends in the mattress industry is natural mattresses. All the important mattress producers have been starting to have a least one or two Natural Mattresses. Allbeco is one of the biggest company for supplying natural products like the coolness of cotton, thermal comfort effect of wool, incredible natural comfort of horsehair, the natural antibacterial and comfort effect of coco (pads made from coconut fiber), the effect quick drying and not affected by moisture of camel hair and of course the latex foam containing natural rubber.