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Base production base from BKB

Started to produce bases for mattresses, BKB furniture company began to produce beds lately.

One of the suppliers of the largest bed manufacturer, who sold 90 % of production to this company, BKB exports the rest. Enver Gozupek, operations manager of BKB furniture, explains his views:

On BKB furniture Co.

In our factory of 3,000 sqm. equipped with latest machinery in Kayseri Organized Industrial Zone, we have been producing mainly bases and headboard for beds since 2010. We try to be distinguished with our innovative products and service quality. Behind the quality lays the dedication to participation of all our staff in the manufacturing processes and our attention to detail in production. Starting with procurement quality management system has
been running smoothly up to the end point where our products meet with their end users. With the advantage of producing on assembly line, the company can manage all quality control processes and increase the efficiency. Daily production run can be reached up to 500 pieces and that makes us the leader in the city.

Customer focused production

Meeting the expectations of its customers and needs the company offer products and services beyond their expectations in the future. We aimed to increase the performance level one more step up. We also keen about environmental issues in production.

Other products for mattress manufacturers

Hard felt, soft felt, cotton felt and wool felt are our major products. Our buyers use them in the production of high segment products. Cottons are for summer type beds, wool fillings used on the winter side of the mattress. We use 100 percent merinos washed wools. We buy them from domestic producers.

Production doubled in line with exports

We export some products including felts to Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Angola. We got a new equipment for pressing and vacuuming of felts to reduce the volume and cost of transportation. We increased our production capacity from 250 tons to 500 tons. We produce two kinds of felts. One is made by needles and other is made through air flow. We are one of the few companies having TSE standards in production.

Construction industry fuels bed sales

Like construction sector, textile is a generic industry. Both run in parallel while growing. Each home sold means more demand for furniture and beds. Demand for them do not change much in the short run, however, they are replaced in the mid term. There is no trend in mattress. Demand for our production is directly related with sales of furniture and beds. Production process is the same for about 20 years. Waste and by products of textile industry are our input for production. Thus we are somehow in recycling business. We keep our records to document the transaction of polyester and cotton mix raw materials that were then sold as hard felt.