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Bekaert, a global passion in bedding

Bekaert Textiles is the leading specialist in the development and manufacturing of woven and knitted mattress textiles and bed cover materials. This market leadership is built on experience, expertise and total quality management. Bekaert products dress tens of thousands of new beds and mattresses every day at all part of the world from New York to Sydney, from Helsinki to Cape Town. The global footprint of Bekaert guarantees a quick and reliable service around the world.
The company has always made it a passion to develop tactile, stylish and smart sleep surfaces that will inspire, comfort and protect you during the night.

Wellness, health and quality of life are of great importance in today’s society. Next to the time we have to devote to our work, we also want to spend time with family and friends and we also need quality time for ourselves. In order to cope with a busy and demanding life, sufficient hours of good quality sleep in a regular daily rhythm is essential. To get a restful and relaxing night’s sleep, a good quality mattress is essential. Bekaert Textiles offers a wide range of tactile, stylish and intelligent mattress textiles. Food, exercise and sleep are a threein- one recipe for fit, healthy and happy

A healthy sleep environment is a clean environment. Hygiene has a great impact on the quality of your sleep, but also on the quality (durability) of your mattress. Asthma and allergies are triggered by poor bed hygiene. Sensitivity to house dust mite allergen  a negative impact on your sleeping
comfort and on the quality of your sleep. In bed, comfortably tucked between the sheets, your body core temperature is approx. 37oC. As the sleep environment is cooler (20oC) and the
body core temperature drops during the night, your skin is permanently giving off warm, humid vapor. The ability of the bed textiles (in particular the textiles under the body) to deal with this vapor is essential for recuperative sleep.