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Bekaert Textiles and Nanobionic announce ‘The NANOBIONIC mattress’

The partnership between Bekaert Textiles and Nanobionic bursts into innovation in bedding textiles.

Bekaert Textiles and Nanobionic are thrilled to announce their partnership and proudly introduce a revolutionary treatment that will shape the future of bedding. Nanobionic is the next generation in performance and lifecycle textiles, combining science technology and nature to enhance the everyday.
Nanobionic is a high-tech bio-ceramic coating that transforms body heat into Far Infrared Rays and reflects them back to the body. Far Infrared Rays are proven to stimulate micro blood circulation and to optimize the thermoregulation of the body. The benefits of sleeping on a nanobionic mattress are: reduced fatigue, cold feet and cold hands.
Applied to bedding textiles, Nanobionic technology regenerates, restores and recharges your body for an improved quality of sleep and an enhanced quality of life. With 6 to 8 hours spent in bed every night, long and regular exposure maximizes the well being benefits. Sleep, recover and perform with Nanobionic!
Both Bekaert Textiles and Nanobionic are looking forward to make the cooperation between the two innovative companies a success. Nanobionic is very successful with their sportswear, body shape- wear, energy clothes for the military and for “every body” that wants to be fit and active. The benefits of sleeping on a Nanobionic bed include recharging your body for an active and healthy life.
“When we learned about the amazing results of the Nanobionic treatment, we were convinced this innovation would change the future of bedding textiles. The benefits of the textiles, such as the reduction of cold feet and hands and waking up more refreshed make it easy to envision how popular this new product will be. The technology goes much further than increasing the quality of sleep, it improves the quality of everyday life! We are thrilled to partner up with Nanobionic to introduce this revolutionary product!” commented Lien Sinnesael, Marketing Communication Manager of Bekaert Textiles.
“Nanobionic is very excited to work with Bekaert Textiles, who is a worldwide leader in mattress textiles. What is important to Nanobionic is that we have found the perfect partner who understands the value of our technology and as a company excelling in ideas and innovation is working with us to bring these benefits to the consumer to help improve their quality of sleep. “We are glad to have found the perfect partner that understands the value of our company and are happy to work together with a company that excels in innovation with a strong focus on benefits for the sleeper.” commented George & Ermis Psipsikas, Founders and Owners of Nanobionic.

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