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Biocrystal® mixture adds value and active treatment to various products


Bringing the best performances from nature is a challenge, but making those performances easily implementable into almost any product you can imagine, this is even greater challenge. By developing the Biocrystal® mixture – Biocrystal Technologies successfully defeated both. Biocrystal® mixture is an ultimate achievement of science, technology and nature, a powerful crystal combination with effective impact to user’s well-being and energy renewal.
Our innovative product is intended for an easy implementation into products for everyday use, therefore enables a constant life-improvement to a user.

Sixteen carefully selected crystals with addition of gold and silver are grinded to particles of 0.4 – 0.1mm size, therefore perfectly implementable into various products such as bedding and furniture foam, mattresses, toppers, sofas, chairs, but also textile, clothing, sport equipment and other accessorize.

Scientifically tested positive influence of crystals is not limited to humans, but the impact is measured to animals and plant too. Enabling the cells to produce the optimum vibration, the crystals in Biocrystal mixture provide proper metabolic functions (exchange between nutrients and substances) therefore protect from harmful external factors and decrease their influence.

Regular researches showed that positive impact of Biocrystal mixture, implemented in a concrete product leads to:

  • proper cell function of a user
  • energy level improvement (Biocrystal Mixture has a certified Energy influence to the users)
  • quality rest and recuperation
  • improvement of general health condition

Using a product with Biocrystal® mixture implemented inside is proven to have a positive effect only 10 minutes after use, while the average improvement of a user’s body is by 34,6%. Researching also pointed up that Biocrystal users experience higher level of skin conductivity and energy absorption, which implies more relaxed muscle and the nerve system.

Biocrystal® mixture, developed and produced by Biocrystal Technologies is an easy and extremely effective way of adding value and active treatment to various products on a today’s market, therefore – completely without competition.
Relying on natural resources and technological achievement created industry’s Game changer whose era is bringing a complete new level of products production. With Biocrystal mixture, the world is transferring from the passive products that serve the purposes to the active products with efficient impact and an added value.