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Boyçelik wires itself tight on success and greatness!

  • Ranked 222nd on Turkey’s Top 500 Industrial Establishments, Boyçelik, an affiliated company of Erciyes Conglomerate, is the leading raw material supplier of Europe and rest of the world mainly for the mattress and furniture manufacturers.

Boyçelik has been manufacturing and exporting steel wire, spring system and tubes mainly to the mattress and furniture industry. It has a worldwide reputation thanks to its commitment to innovation and quality both in manufacturing and services. We asked, the guides and principles which carried the brand to an internationally acknowledged success and top of the list in Turkey to Feridun Tosun, Export Manager of Boyçelik.

You were ranked 222nd on the list of “Turkey’s Top 500 Industrial Enterprises” that Istanbul Chamber of Commerce announced according to the 2019 survey. What are your main building stones that bring your company to this position and what are your principles?

Boyçelik has been doing its facilities since 2006. When we established this company, our mission was firstly to be one of the main manufacturer companies in the world. In this respect, we started to build up all required technological possibilities such as; machines, R&D and of course the best employees as well.

How do you evaluate the position in your sector? Do you have bigger goals? What are your goals and plans in the short, medium and long terms?

Boyçelik is one of the most outstanding investments of Erciyes Anadolu Holding, an industrial leader in Turkey and all over the world. It is the raw materials supplier of Europe’s largest mattress and furniture manufacturers. Our main sector is firstly mattress industry. We manufacture steel wire, spring system and tubes mainly to this sector. Mattress industry had seemed to be a part of the furniture industry for a long time but it is not true anymore.  The mattress industry is definitely a different sector than the furniture industry. If you look at the USA or Europe than you easily can see this difference. Until a few years ago, the bedding industry would be thought as a part of the furniture industry but this idea almost changed here in Turkey as well. When we see this industry, we can see there are a lot of new companies who started to manufacture mattresses separately than the furniture industry. The importance of mattress is increasing day by day. It is very important to have a comfortable mattress for sleeping quality. People started to care more about their health than previous time. We plan mostly long term to reach our targets. Our main target is to be a very well-known company in the world. So, we give priority to our brand. We export more than 80 countries today and would like to reach to all countries in long term. This is our main goal.

2020 was a year of extraordinary developments in the global economy. What strategy did you follow in this negative times? How were you affected by this period and how did you manage the crisis?

Our target for 2020 was to grow up around %20 and we were doing great business till the end of March before pandemic occurred. When Covid-19 started to show itself all around the world and here in Turkey as well, we have seen a big panic in this sector. Many of factories shut down temporarily and some of them even closed completely; many of customers’ orders were canceled or reduced. It was not easy to manage this situation because no one knew what was going to be next. But we already knew it and made a short-term plan with our teams to manage production, customer demands, financial risks, etc. We did those all things within a correct way and finally succeeded this situation.  We are now in a wonderful situation and doing great job with our teams.

What would you recommend to companies operating in your field to be successful internationally?

First of all I can easily say that firms should not make short plans if they want to  make investment for internationally and they should not worry about it. They should just be patient and just do it and manage all their required things with a correct time, and place than they are going to see success soon.

How do you evaluate the position of your brand in the global market? What do you owe to your success in export?

If your company is thinking globally than the most important thing is the brand but it is not easy to be a well know brand in the world. There are lots of things which you have to do. Firstly, you are going to believe this idea from top management to the lowest employee than you can be successful. Boyçelik is very open and global company and we all know brand is very important and we do all the necessary things to be one of the main brand in this industry.