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BOYTEKS designs setting the trends in the sector

BOYTEKS, among the major and most innovative brands of industrial textile, started to have its name rather frequently with its designs in 2016. BOYTEKS, has become the number one preferred brand of industrial buyers for its mattress ticking, upholstery fabric and carpet manufacturing, has also become a favourite brand counterfeit the most.  

Dr. Gokmen Kara, Marketing Manager of BOYTEKS Mattress Ticking, who highlighted that they are one of the first brands that spring to mind when innovation is at stake in the sector, has also said, “BOYTEKS, today, is a well-known and recognized brand within its target audience whenever you go throughout the entire world. We have realized exports to more than 100 countries last year. Our teams, ranging from pattern design to R&D, from Quality Management to Logistic units, have been in intensive endeavours. Our manufacturing and collection teams are always together with our sales team on field and with out customers. We are traveling with these teams to more than 50 countries. We are a very young and dynamic team. We are in an endeavour to present what our customers’ expectations are and even exceed beyond those. We have made serious investments in design in the recent years. We have increased the number of our teams and we performed activities in order to gain different perspectives of the provider to protect the authenticity. We started to reap the fruits of those moves and accomplish satisfactory outcomes. Currently, major bed manufacturers do utilize the patterns of BOYTEKS and request those. This is a very significant step for us in the course of brandling.” Dr. Gokmen Kara, highlighted that it is a brand with the high geographical extent and prevalence and added that ‘the approach and interpretation of the countries towards patterns and designs are very different. We are also successfully able to manage these discrepancies and differences emerged within the target audience and geography.’

Mr. Kara, commented that they attach great importance to effective utilization of technology and mobile applications and continued his speech as ‘we are in an endeavour with our marketing team regarding how we can provide better services to our customers, how we can take on a better consultancy task for our customers. Due to the mobile applications recently developed by us, our customers now are able to design their own beds and have the opportunity to see the bed of their dreams before manufacturing process. This application provides serious benefits and advantages to our customers in terms of accelerating the work processes and avoiding problems that can occur in the post-manufacturing process.”

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