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Boyteks targets one thousandth of the total of the country!

Ten years from now, Turkey, an emerging market and one of the most flashing economies of the world, has a major target for the year 2023; 500 billion dollars in exports. There are some world brands in Turkey to help the government to hit the target.

One of the important players of mattress ticking and upholstery fabrics, Boyteks scales up its target in export from day to day with its innovative approach to products, investments and high quality.

Vice General Manager in Charge of Sales and Marketing, Önder Honi who stated that setting off with the mission of supplying its products across the world, Boyteks has added the Republic of Mauritius which is known as heaven on earth to its portfolio said “Our products of Kayseri and Bursa origin reaches across the world by export today.  We ended closed year with an export of 132 million dollars. We are planning to reach an export target of 140 million dollars by the end of this year. We are exporting to more than 80 countries. We render services to more than 1400 customers in 5 continents of the world. We have set our 2023 target as 500 million dollars in parallel with the 500 billion export target of our country.

Boyteks introduces its technologies which are developed for the first time in the world with the consumers.

Also underlining that they are following textile fashion closely, Önder Honi said “We have made it a mission to raise the standards, the quality of life in the products we produce. For example The ‘Triple Fresh’ mattress ticking which clears the ambient air and ‘Biorytmic Sleep’ and ‘Proactive’ mattress ticking works which regulate the biorhythm of the body were introduced to the consumers for the first time this year. These innovations which we have developed after intense work were welcomed warmly by the sector. Triple Fresh of these was granted “High Product Quality” award after the evaluations done according to innovation, functionality, quality, design and sustainability criteria at the Interzum Cologne Fair Boyteks participated in the May of 2013.”

Also stating that they have put more than 100 innovative brands on the market to date, Honi said “Triple Fresh which is produced by the R&D team of Boyteks and which cleans the air of the sleeping environment, removes unpleasant smells without hiding and breaks up the smells and gases that threatens human health and converts into water vapour eliminates negative affects like allergy, headache, nausea and eye burning resulting from harmful gasses. And Biorytmic Sleep opens the door for a perfect sleep by supporting body communication in sleep, enabling the renewal of the body during sleep and making the person sleep feeling better. Biorytmic Sleep which helps in both mechanic balance and your starting the day more dynamically in the mornings promises you an energetic and fresh day.”

Biorytmic Sleep:It was inspired from acupuncture and stone therapies

Biorytmic Sleep which was presented to sleep technology by Boyteks which is the biggest mattress-ticking producer of the world which directs the sector with its innovations cracks the doors of a perfect sleep. Biorytmic Sleep which was developed by R&D teams envisaging that many factors like unfavourable environmental and work conditions and stress adversely affects the communication of people with others and causes communication problems within the body in time was made real inspiring from acupuncture and the minerals used in stone therapy.  Biorytmic Sleep succeeded in enhancing the body communication and helping in the relaxation of the body during sleep. Biorythmic Sleep which enables decreasing stress during sleep and making people feel comfortable and renewed helps increase balance and concentration with enhanced body communication.

Our 2013 growth target is 15%

Also underlining that they are a fast growing brand which makes a big impression every year with its growth rate, Önder Honi said “We have recorded a growth of 14 percent in 2012. We are moving on with a growth target of 15 percent in the year 2013. We have aimed to increase our targets and our share of the export pie for the year 2013. We want to take our brand to every location where there is bed and upholstery fabric industry.”

Special products form 30% of turnover

Stating that Boyteks is brand well known worldwide now, Önder Honi said “We want to go deeper in Far East and South America markets next year. We are getting ready for a busy fair marathon in 2014.   First, we will participate in Ispa Expo which is one of the most prestigious fairs of the bed sector and will be organized in the New Orleans state of America between 26 -29 May. Another one of our team will be in Interzum Gunagzhou in China between the dates 28 May and 1 April. We will attend India Mattress Expo in India between the dates 19 and 21 July. Also stating that domestic fairs also take a large part in their portfolio, Honi expressed that they will be attending Sleepwell Expo on 17-20 April and Evteks- Istanbul fair between the dates 21 and 25 May.