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Boyteks Wing in Sleep Well and Evteks Fairs!

Innovative brand of mattress ticking, Boyteks is continuing its fair marathon non-stop in 2014 as well. Boyteks was among the most visited participants of Sleepwell Expo Fair which took place for the first time this year between 17 – 20 April, 2014, as the new meeting point of mattress sector.

Participating in Evteks Fair, one of the largest textile fairs in the world, after Sleep Well Fair, Boyteks, as every year, succeeded in being the most attention drawn participants of the fair this year also. Besides Flaret C+ which it launched at Evteks Fair between 21-25 May 2014 in Istanbul, also bringing new sleep technologies to the showcase, Boyteks was met with interest by local and foreign visitors. As each year, Boyteks continued with its tradition of arranging a Bosporus tour on the second day of Evteks Fair with all its customers and business partners who visited them this year as well. Guests who enjoyed the pleasure, serenity of the Bosporus and joy of conversation in the unique atmosphere of İstanbul Bosporus experienced an unforgettable evening at the later hours of the dinner with a surprise attraction that was waiting for them.