Anasayfa / RAW MATERIALS (sayfa 40)


MultiSTiQ, an international brand in adhesive materials

The company supplies label materials for the carpet and mattress industries. MultiSTiQ is a leading supplier of adhesive materials for both the labeland textile industry. Main items are reinforcement materials for the sample making e.g. (non-woven) waterfall backing, tapes and frames for edge fixing and dye-cut ...

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Bio-Textima , the only mattresses in a metal-free design

VitalWOOD is a symphony of unparalleled comfort, composed of highquality materials and groundbreaking design. As a 100% family run company, Bio-Textima was established in 1993 and employs 53 personnel. Situated 20 km away from Austrian border, 100 km to Wien, the company produces VitalWOOD mattresses and boxsprings and natural mattresses and ...

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