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Tesla: A new bed fabric of Comfytex

Having magnetic properties Tesla fabrics improves blood circulation during sleep. New products in fabrics demanded by bed industry are flourishing. Comfytex is one of the companies launching new series for the bed industry. Selim Sahin, Comfytex business manager introduced Tesla ...

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Boyçelik stands for mattress comfort!

Erol Boydak: “A localization is eye-catching in mattress production in domestic market. Some provincesmade progresses at this field and they gained ground but Kayseri is still the leader of this sector.” As one of the leading companies in the mattress ...

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Feltturc moves to new facility  

Using by products of the textile industry, Feltturcproduces felt for the mattress industry and exports 60% of its production. Deciding to expand its felt and wadding production, the company moved to a new facility where it combined spring and carcass ...

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