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Plassan Ambalaj grows with exports

Plassan Ambalaj, a domestic company producing packaging materials for mattresses, is getting the deserved share from the market by investing professionally in export markets in 5 continents.

Plassan produces professionally to meet the needs of the domestic and world markets. For this aim, the company uses a specially developed ERP software system for all stages of the manufacturing process from quote to order, production to shipment. Plassan Ambalaj meets the packaging needs of the sector with its monthly production capacity of 1,200 tons by realizing 100% capacity utilization rate.

“We aim to expand our export network by participating in fairs”

Plassan Ambalaj participated in Sleep Well Expo this year. Sleep Well fair is the only trade fair in the field of beds and sleep products in Turkey. The company official Ertugrul Tekmen says about the company’s products: “As Plassan, we produce plastic packaging materials. Our main production is on mattress packaging. We exhibited our printed and unprinted samples in different sizes in the fair. We accelerated our R&D activities. We have been working on developing laminated products. We plan to have this product on sale in 2020.”

Tekmen, while evaluating the sector and exports, stressed: “2019 was quite sluggish for the bed supply industry. We have high expectations from 2020. As Plassan Ambalaj, we will increase our exports as a solution to the stagnation experienced in the market in 2019. Therefore, fairs are important for us. We continue to increase our production rapidly by developing our export network covering markets on five countries. We already have customers in 50 cities in the country.”

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