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Comfytex to make an impact at Interzum 2023 Fair with Biosalt

The fair which was conducted on a digital platform in 2021 due to the pandemic, will take place as a hybrid event this year and all participant companies who have been longing to meet their visitors will finally come together.

Comfytex which will meet with visitors at the International Furniture and Woodworking Fair Interzum which brings the world together in Cologne from May 9th to 12th, aims to make an impact at the fair with its new invention which draws attention to the negative ion effect of rock salt used in bed fabric production.

Negative ions are the electron-acquired form of oxygen molecules in the air which are naturally produced by wind, sunlight, waterfalls, and heavy rain. In some places, the relaxing and refreshing atmosphere is created by the accumulation of negative ions in the air.

Comfytex’s R&D team which aims to achieve deep and uninterrupted sleep thanks to the effect of rock salt, is signing one of the most innovative products of recent times. After experiencing the increase in oxygen flow in bed fabrics through rock salt and integrating it into the fabric, they named it Bio-salt and will make a significant impact at this year’s Interzum Fair with their patented brand.

Biosalt technology creates a comfortable feeling similar to the river and seaside thanks to the balance of humidity in the environment and negative ions it emits. It removes static electricity from the body and helps to establish the bio-rhythm, thus contributing to the improvement of sleep quality.

Comfytex announces that it will be pleased to welcome all valuable visitors who want to meet this innovative product at Interzum Fair.

Comfytex stand information at Interzum Fair; Hall 11.1 | Stand E038 – F039 Cologne / Germany.