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DesleeClama launches colorful Harmony Collection with new iDC Cloud


As the trends are shifting very fast, DesleeClama introduces its brand-new collection, called HARMONY 2015. HARMONY can be perceived as a sequel on the IMAGINE Collection launched during the Interzum 2015 Trade Fair in Cologne. The lead through the new collection of DesleeClama is again represented by the five key styles that each bundle several themes together. Typical of the HARMONY Collection is that DesleeClama uses color as an inspiration.

Behind every sample, there is a story

Five key styles help the customer to create a total sleeping concept, including mattress fabrics, borders and upholstery. Within each of these styles, the DesleeClama design team has developed several themes or stories that translate perfectly the hot trends of today and tomorrow. For this collection, color is definitely the main trend. The Multiple Flat Constructions, the new Maurice D fabrics and the colorful designs are proof of that.


BLUE JEANS – Blue Jeans is the biggest worldwide trend. Timeless, however still very hot…

For this collection, the design team of DesleeClama decided to put BLUE JEANS into the spotlights, as this is incontestably the biggest worldwide trend. BLUE JEANS is a theme that literally occurs everywhere: in fashion, architecture, decoration, etc. BLUE JEANS refers to the style of pants that dates back to the end of the 19th century, which proves that this style is timeless and still very hot when in search for a casual look.

TRUE PASTELS – Get inspired by the softest pastel colors that are very trendy these days.

The theme TRUE PASTELS proves that colors are one of the key drivers of this new collection. DesleeClama used white and the softest pastel colors that are very trendy these day.


RAINBOW LOVE – A rainbow love story about colors.

RAINBOW LOVE tells you a story about colors and the possibility to combine different colors in one fabric at the same time. With the Multiple Flat Constructions, DesleeClama uses up to four colors at once and challenges you to make your own combinations. With the new five color combinations, DesleeClama accomplished to create a rainbow effect. A small color range has been developed to let the customer play with different color combinations.

SPARKLE – Glitter & glamour, a timeless trend.

SPARKLE continues setting the trend of glitter and glamour. Different in this collection are the borders that have a glittery touch of gold and silver. Moreover, the designs contain much more noticeable motives. It has been integrated in a lot of fine and sophisticated designs for the Finesse brand using the ELLA SILK quality.


PLACED ORNAMENTS – Classical ornaments placed in a modern interpretation.

PLACED ORNAMENTS is a theme that has been inspired by classical ornaments, which are very consciously placed. These panel designs with a nice ornament in the middle need to be customized for each bed size.

HISTORIC OPULENCE – Combining classical motives with warm colors.

HISTORIC OPULENCE combines classical designs, such as medallions or classical swirls, with warm colors, like brown and beige. Notice also the fine details of the classical motives that evoke nostalgia for the past.


VOLUME – Heavy fabrics in light and dark colors!

These fabrics make quilting unnecessary. New this season is that DesleeClama seduces you with dark colored voluminous fabrics. A lot of new structures, patterns and 3D effects have been introduced.

FOCUS – Stay focused on the fool the eye designs.

FOCUS is very much influenced by French design, which shifted from the HAUTE COUTURE to the FUSION style. Nowadays, much more colors are used to create technical designs that have some kind of twist. FOCUS fits perfectly into this style, as this theme also carries out graphical elements and patterns that fool the eye. So stay focused!

PERFORMANCE – A reflection of the technical characteristics of the designs and their touch. Ready, set, GO!

PERFORMANCE is the theme that highlights DesleeClama’s added values the most. The sporty look and the fluorine colors of your Nike outfit serve as an inspiration to this theme. PERFORMANCE designs focus on reflecting the technical characteristics of the fabrics and their touch.


CULTURE MIX – A harmonious mix of ethnical motives.

CULTURE MIX is a theme that brings all cultures together in a harmonious mix of ethnical motives. These cultural elements are so different, and yet they go hand in hand. This cultural mix will only be the beginning, because DesleeClama can already tell you that this theme will have a bigger scope for next collection.

TROPICALS – Contoured flowers in vivid colors.

The theme TROPICALS uses floral patterns and leaves in a very distinct design. Flashy colors, clean-cut elements and contoured designs are very typical.

TIMID NATURE – Dreamy watercolor designs in soft tones.

TIMID NATURE brings you dreamy watercolor designs in soft tones. Foggy drawings, floral patterns and leaves are key to this romantic theme.

The online iDC Cloud and its new features

All designs, fabrics and sleeping solutions are available in the online iDC Cloud. Thanks to its online configurator, a mattress producer or retailer can simulate any bed concept by choosing the desired designs for the top panel, the borders and the headboard of a mattress. When in search for a specific sample, you can filter by fabric, style, collection theme, functionality / brand, and now even by color. Another new feature that has been implemented in the iDC Cloud is the 3D tool that allows you to upload any picture that you like on a basic mattress template.

The greatest advantage of this tool is that all fabrics are available in the cloud and can be reached from anywhere in the world. In some cases this environment already serves as some kind of virtual showroom that guides any customer type, even the end user, through the collection. The iDC Cloud enables the mattress manufacturer or retailer to freewheel about the complete concept that they had in mind, and mix and match infinitely. Get inspired by the new Cocoon fabrics that can be used for headboards, bed bases, box springs and even borders, and/or create your own full design headboard.