Anasayfa / ACTUEL / Elektroteks: We received a great reward for our efforts for the Interzum Fair

Elektroteks: We received a great reward for our efforts for the Interzum Fair

Osman Güler, Chairman of the Board, Elektroteks said that they represented the Turkish mattress industry in the best way at the Interzum Fair.

Making an evaluation after the Interzum Fair, Osman Güler said that the fair was very productive for them and that the preparations they made before the fair paid off. Stating that they have already observed the positive effect of the fair on the exports of the Turkish mattress industry, Güler said that this effect will increase in the long run and that the visitors and potential buyers contacted at the fair will place orders gradually.

We got the reward for the preparation works we made before the Interzum Fair

As Elektroteks, we had an intense preparation period before the fair. With the innovative vision we acquired, we prepared our highly innovative products for the fair. I think that all our preparations paid off. We introduced new innovative features in our machines to our mattress manufacturer friends and new customers. In the meantime, we have successfully demonstrated many new machines that will facilitate the preparation stages of manufacturers.

In short, we made a gigantic show with 8 trucks full of machines in a 600 m2 stand. On the occasion of the fair, we once again showed the difference of Elektroteks to our visitors. We are also very pleased with the number of visitors, the interest of the visitors in our machines and the business agreements we have made. For this reason, I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the organization, and I would like to see them in many fairs again.

The fair made the Turkish mattress industry more heard in international trade

Interzum Fair is a fair that has always been the favorite of our industry. In fact, the postponement due to the pandemic had a negative impact on both international trade and the Turkish mattress industry, and this situation saddened us all. Fortunately, the effects of the pandemic were overcome and the Interzum Fair was held 4 years later. Although we participated in different fairs right after the pandemic process, Interzum Fair always has a different place. Due to both the longing for the fair caused by the pandemic and the return of international trade to normal, the visitor density and quality were quite satisfactory. The high number of Turkish companies in Interzum and the density of visitors have enabled our mattress industry to gain a greater place in international trade, and this has given us great relief. As the President of the IBIA Association, I make a special call to both our association member companies and non-member companies operating in the mattress industry; Please give utmost importance to the leading fairs of the international mattress industry and do not neglect to participate.