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EOC’s “Eurotick FRM HM”wins 2BFuntex technology competition


EOC Belgium innovates with the novel flame retardant hot melt for mattress ticking.


EOC Belgium, the Belgian producer of chemicals, wins the 2BFUNTEX Technology Competition with EUROTICK FRM HM. This new product was developed by the Technical Textile Chemicals Division in close cooperation with the Adhesives Division of EOC Group.

“By joining the knowledge and competences of these 2 divisions, we managed to develop this exceptional flame retardant product,” says Mr. Dirk Hoorne, Chief Innovation Officer of EOC Belgium. “With this new hot melt we can offer our customers a competitive advantage in their production of mattress ticking.”

EUROTICK FRM HM manages to fulfill the required flame retardant properties and seam-slippage properties to the mattress ticking for all types of fabric in one product, with a similar durability as traditional solutions. The innovation allows the elimination of the first stage of the coating process as the flame retardant products are compounded into the hot melt. Enabling the coating to occur in a single operation allows for faster production speeds on the coating line, generating more profit per production hour for the manufacturer.

The traditional coating process of a mattress ticking consists of two stages. In the first stage a waterborne flame retardant coating is applied to the fabric. In a second stage a binder or hot melt is applied on one side of the fabric to give the needed fabric properties.

EOC Group is a family owned producer of chemicals with headquarters located in Oudenaarde, Belgium. EOC Group is active on a worldwide scale, with more than 10 production sites spread over Europe and Asia. The product portfolio extends from technical textile chemicals, adhesives, compounds and carboxylate lattices to emulsions, surfactants and polyurethanes.