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Eurofoam Group at the service of mattress industry

Producing excellent mattresses and serving several foam-related industries Eurofoam is a strong group comprised of 36 foaming and foam-converting companies throughout Central and Eastern Europe; Eurofoam operates independently, while fostering a close relationship to local markets.

Given its integrated approach, Eurofoam is able to draw on the know-how, as well as benefit from the structure, of a truly multinational group.

The Eurofoam Group is the leading manufacturer of flexible polyurethane foam in Central and Eastern Europe; in 2012 it generated revenue of EUR 373 million. The Group has 2,200 employees working in 12 European countries.

Operating in two product areas, the Group provides Comfort Foam and Technical Foam to almost all areas of industry, supplied by a strong network of 36 production and converting plants. High quality comfort foam is primarily used in the bedding and furnishing industries, whilst special foams for technical applications are supplied to the automotive industry as well as to the construction industry, manufacturers of machines and sports equipment and the packaging industry.

Eurofoam was founded in 1992 as a 50/50 joint venture between the Austrian company Greiner AG and the Belgian company Recticel S.A. The Group is headquartered in Vienna, Austria.

In close collaboration with well-known mattress suppliers, Eurofoam Group develops the ideal interior for high-quality mattresses. Choosing just the right density and core hardness is vital for a long lasting, relaxing sleep. Eurofoam guarantee this with its selection of over 130 foam grades. Design and comfort demands are selected based on ergonomic considerations. The performance standards of Eurofoam are safeguarded by internationally recognized certificates.

As a leading mattress manufacturer in Europe, The Group is also concerned with future market demands and is currently working on foams with additional functions.