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Fiberpartner at the service of sleep product manufacturers

Fiberpartner fibers for filling are Oeko-Tex Standard 100

Fiberpartner is a leading supplier of staple fibers, technical yarns and plastics to customers across the globe. “We’ve built our business on a simple principle: we’ll go to any length to meet your needs – sourcing raw materials, manufacturing and delivering the right solution with the right quality/ price ratio, no matter where in the world that takes us, and no matter what technical challenges we have to solve,” says an official of the company. “We have years of experience serving customersand partnering with suppliers around the world, and we have what it takes to meet your needs too. In short, we know how.”



resmStaple fibers in polyester, polypropylene and bi-component for manufacturers of pillows, duvets, needle-punched, spun-laced, carded, thermo-bonded, air laid& chemical-bonded non-woven fabrics. Fipatec from Fiberpartneris quality at competitive prices.Fiberpartner’s history goes back to 1860, when Theodor Wittrupfounded a small shop that producedmainly woolen textiles.Theodor’s company grew for overa century, until its manufacturingdivision was sold to a carpetproducer in 1976. That same year,Ole Wittrup established a tradingcompany that would soon becomeFiberpartner. Today, Fiberpartner is a thoroughly modern company with trading activities all over the world. It supplies polyester, polypropylene and bi-component staple fibers, as well as polyester and polyamide technical yarns, and PET and PP plastics. As a privately held company, Fiberpartner is owned by Thomas Wittrup, a descendent of Theodor, the founder of the brand.

Partnering with Fiberpartner


dokularThe official of the company says they were very strict on getting the order and delivering the material process. “When you place an order, we ask a number ofquestions to make sure we knowexactly what you’re looking for.Then, starting with your exact requirements,we carefully select thebest supplier, quality and price foryour needs.“Once you’ve approved a rawmaterial, we’ll continue to sourcethe material from the same supplier– we only switch suppliers oritem types with your agreement.We normally seek approval oftwo suppliers to ensure supplysecurity, and we ensure completetraceability via our unique numberingsystem.“We arrange shipment of your materials straight from the factory to you – either to a nearby port or all the way to your doorstep. It’s up to you. “At Fiberpartner, no customer is too small or too large. You can always count on us for service with a smile, either from our head office in Denmark or our dedicated Fiberpartner agents. We visit our raw material suppliers frequently, no matter how remote their location.”

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