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Flokser Chemical, a synthesis of chemicals and professionalism

Tükek: “our goal for 2020 and the following years is to increase our activities also on a global scale with the investments that we will make abroad”

Flokser Chemical Company is always one step ahead with its dedication to R&D studies and its passion for innovation in chemicals. As a respectful world brand in its field Flokser Chemical has a broad vision to develop the industry not only its own brand. We asked the details of Flokser to general manager Ekin Tükek. Following notes are the facts behind this success story:

As Flokser Chemical, we were founded in 2006 with a 24 thousand tons/year capacity, aspiring to meet the polyurethane raw material demand in Turkey and in the neighboring countries. Today we operate in many areas with the various groups of products that we produce for the polyurethane sector. We provide alternative solutions to the construction, slippers and soles, furniture, automotive, adhesive, white appliances, and insulation sectors with polyurethane, polyurea, and polyester products. Through both our dealers and distributor channels, we export to many countries including Europe, Africa, Middle East and Russia.

We always focus on increasing our production power and develop added value with forward and backward integrations. We increased our production capacity to 100 tons/year with the new reactor investment that we made accordingly at our manufacturing facility in Istanbul Hadımköy in 2019. With the investments that we plan domestically and internationally, we aim to enhance our competences by developing new products for different sectors where we have not operated before.

We have been a prestigious company that is recognized within the sector for years with our knowledge, our experienced team, our strong network as well as our rapid service and efficient distribution channels. Our project affordability brings us one step forward and help us be preferred by our customers. We try to preserve those features of ours and add more value for our stakeholders.

We have steered our energy and our sources rather to the foreign markets. We have set up sales distribution channels and dealerships in many countries and ensured that our products reach more markets. 35% of our sales consist of our exports to more than 40 countries. We brought this rate up to 45 percent in 2019 and achieved a growth of 15 percent compared to the previous year in line with our goals. And our goal for 2020 and the following years is to increase our activities also on a global scale with the investments that we will make abroad.

Ekin Tükek, General Manager of Flokser Chemical

We focus on added value in R&D and innovation projects

As Flokser Chemical which went into business with the production of artificial leather coating polyurethanes used in textile, we are in the position of being one of the leading system houses of Turkey to supply raw materials to many sectors today with the ministry-approved R&D center.

With our interdisciplinary working capability, we increase our room for maneuver with each day. We reflect our superiority in design and innovation on our capacity and aim to come up with permanent solutions special to the chemical sector with our expert team in our R&D department that conduct its activities in the synthesis and application laboratories.

We also care about acting with a sense of responsibility for the future generations in terms of using world resources, which are the common denominators of the whole humanity, effectively and efficiently. Therefore, we design special projects on products and bio-based products that are energy, water and heat saving. Our primary goal; we aim to design innovative and sustainable products for the future generations while producing environmentally friendly products by putting humans in the center of all works that we carry out in this context.

We are the first company to produce easy-to-clean bio-based coated polyurethanes that are safe for human health in Turkey in the sector today. We set trends and produce special products for our customers while implementing our innovative projects. We continue with our works both in the domestic and the foreign markets with the R & D works that we carry out in line with the principle of constant development and innovation, innovative perspective and mission of leading the sector.

We respond to the needs of the furniture sector

Polyurethane use has a solid and positive effect on the quality of life and comfort of the product users. Polyurethanes, which are one of the foundations of a modern life, stand out in the sector by being durable and reliable, and become the user’s choice.

As Flokser Chemical with the advanced polyurethane technologies under our roof, we operate in the areas of insulation-purpose rigid (refrigerators, cold room panels, sandwich panels, sprays, pipe insulation, decoration), filters, integral (office furniture armlets, various auto parts, cables), shoes (slippers, soles, fusspett, job safety), molded foams, adhesives, binders, technical leather polyurethanes, and water insulation.

We keep customer satisfaction and quality standards in the forefront and produce products to facilitate life. With the polyurethane foam systems and wooden equivalent polyurethane systems that we offer to the furniture sector, we meet many criteria such as safety, comfort, flexibility and lightness simultaneously. The polyurethane foam systems that we have developed for the furniture sector and that can meet the needs of longevity and comfort can be applied in the desired molds; they have more flexible or higher mechanic properties depending on the needs. It can be applied on vacuumed leather and also allows use with polyester and aluminum molds.  The hardness of the molded end product in the foam systems that are suitable for use with supportive materials like plastic, metal and wood can be adjusted to the desired measurements. It offers a wide area of use including furniture and beds and stretchers and wheelchairs in the medical sector.


  • Flokser, one of the first 1000 exporters of Turkey as TIM announce yearly, has also been included in the ‘ISO 500’ list that the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce announces since 1997 and operates as one of the 500 biggest industrial companies in Turkey.
  • We were included among the companies that allocated the most shares from their turnovers for R & D in the R & D 250 List of the Turkish business world where the R & D expenses have been announced annually since 2012, and in the Study of Turkey’s Companies To Make the Most R & D Expenses. Within the scope of the research, in 2017 we were in the 9th place with 9 percent based on the share that the R & D expense amount takes from the total turnover.

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