Anasayfa / ACTUEL / FXI introduces Regenerist™ with Biocrystal® – bringing scientifically proven innovation to the bedding and furniture industry

FXI introduces Regenerist™ with Biocrystal® – bringing scientifically proven innovation to the bedding and furniture industry


MEDIA, PA – FXI, the leading producer of innovative foam products, in an exclusive agreement with Biocrystal Technologies, has introduced Regenerist™ with Biocrystal®, a unique foam infused with Biocrystal® to provide better sleep and improved performance. The proprietary crystal mixture promotes proper cell function to relieve stress and improve relaxation, increase energy for improved performance and provide quality rest and recuperation.


Biocrystal® is a powerful crystal combination scientifically proven to impact the user’s well-being and energy level. The influence of the crystals is enhanced with the addition of gold (known to be an energy booster) and silver (known to have a calming effect). Sleeping, sitting or resting on Biocrystal® infused foam revitalizes the body, providing the quality rest needed to perform well all day. Clinical tests were carried out to measure the changes that occur in users of products containing Biocrystal technology, including heart rate, muscle activity, breathing rate and respiration rate. Results indicate that the muscles and nervous system of the users are more relaxed, promoting better rest and relaxation. 76% of users stated that they slept better.


“The importance of sleep to overall health and wellness is critical and a benefit that consumers are increasing aware of and requesting. This was at the forefront of our minds as we developed a relationship with Biocrystal Technologies and created our Regenerist™ with Biocrystal® foam. It is a unique product in the bedding marketplace because the benefits the Biocrystal® mixture delivers are based on scientific research and clinical studies. It is data-driven innovation.” said FXI Chief Technology Officer, Philippe Knaub.


“FXI is uniquely positioned to help drive solutions helping people sleep better and live healthier. Their R&D capabilities and expertise as the leading producer of foam products makes them the ideal partner for Biocrystal Technologies.” said Vesna Pavletic, CEO at Biocrystal Technologies, LTD.


In addition, Regenerist’s™ enveloping memory foam provides the comfort and pressure relief needed to rest well. The open cell structure of the foam improves airflow and breathability and provides greater heat dissipation when compared to a traditional visco foam.


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