Anasayfa / ACTUEL / Green Product Award 2021 Nomination in the category of mattress industry

Green Product Award 2021 Nomination in the category of mattress industry

Netherlands, Volendam – 1461 participants from 51 countries applied for the Green Product Award 2021. They were screened under the aspects of design, innovation & sustainability, pre-selected and finally nominated. Enkev is pleased to announce, that Labyrinth 100 is one of the nominees for the Green Product Award 2021 in the category Circular Materials!

Labyrinth is a new revolutionary filling material for the mattress and furniture industry. It has extraordinary properties which cannot be met by any filling material used today. It is the only material that offers comfort, superb ventilation and is fully recyclable. Because of its 3D multifilament structure, humidity will be wicked away fast due to the abundance of oxygen. Labyrinth is washable, hypoallergenic, dust-free and a non-toxic product. After usage, the materials can be fully regained, recycled, and produced again in the original form and quality. Enkev takes full responsibility for its materials. So it will take the material at the end of life back to give it a new life! Therefore; Labyrinth 100 is 100% circular.

“Labyrinth 100 is a good example for the level of quality and passion, our nominees are contributing to a more sustainable future.” Nils Bader, Director Green Product Award

Until February 14th the Green Product Audience Award is taking place, where the winner is defined within a public voting. Up to now more than 45.000 votes were counted and there is still time to vote.

From April 14th -16th the grand finale will be held as a digital show & congress, including the award ceremony, insights from creators of different industries, Q&A-sessions, matchmaking events and much more.

About the Green Product Award

The international Green Product Award is rewarding products and services, good in design, innovation and sustainability since 2013. The aim of the award is to share good examples for the public and to provide feedback and networking opportunities for the participants.  The Award showcases 11 categories of Architecture & Tiny Houses, Building Components, Circular Materials, Consumer Goods, Fashion, Handicraft, Interior & Lifestyle, Kids, Mobility, Sport and Workspace.

The Green Concept Award – held in cooperation with IKEA-Stiftung – strictly focuses on concepts, materials and prototypes, not on the market yet. The yearly nominees represent the upcoming trends of sustainable innovations.