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IBIA said ‘continue on the road’ with Osman Güler

The 2nd Ordinary General Assembly Meeting of the International Mattress Industry Association (IBIA), which was established by the suppliers of the mattress production sector, which has a volume of 40 billion dollars in the world, was held in Istanbul.

At the General Assembly Meeting held with the participation of IBIA members from across the country, especially from Istanbul, Izmir, Bursa and Kayseri, Founding Chairman Osman Güler was re-elected as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the International Mattress Industry Association.

At the General Assembly Meeting held at Wow Hotel in Istanbul, where Erdoğan Aslan was the Chairman of the Council and Ramazan Çelik and Zafer Baktır were the members of the Council Board, the names to take office in the organs of IBIA were also determined.

After the Chairman of the Divan Erdoğan Aslan, who thanked the Board of Directors for the work done by IBIA so far, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the International Mattress Industry Association and Elektroteks Dir. Krl. Bşk. Osman Güler said, “We have become a big family today on the road we set out with 22 members, 9 of which are founding board members. As the International Mattress Industry Association, we have created important awareness about our industry thanks to the work we have carried out at national and international level since our establishment in 2021.”

Over 2 billion dollars exports to 150 countries

Osman Güler, President of IBIA, said that as the mattress sub-industry, they export over 2 billion dollars to approximately 150 countries with an employment of 25 thousand people and a production capacity of 3 billion dollars, and added: “These data show the contribution of our sector and all of us to the economy of our country. In the establishment of our association, we had set the priority goals of increasing the recognition of our sector and the competitiveness of our members in international markets, organising a large international fair that can make a sound in our country, and professional unity, solidarity and solidarity. If it is necessary to generalise, when I look back as of today, I can say that we have done very successful work in line with these goals. We have achieved success under the roof of IBIA.”

Stating that the IBIA EXPO Fairs held in 2022 and 2023 were the centre of attention of mattress manufacturers globally, IBIA President Osman Güler thanked Ümit Vural, Chairman of the Board of Directors of BİFAŞ, and his colleagues and continued his speech as follows:

Number of members reached 140

“When we look at the activities we have carried out since 26 June 2021, when we held the first general assembly meeting of our association; first of all, our number of members has reached 140. We have participated in international fairs and meetings to introduce our industry to mattress manufacturers all over the world. During this period, we have closely cooperated with all relevant segments, especially public institutions. We are in close cooperation with international associations and federations such as ISPA ABIKOL EBIA ISPF India Mattress Manufacturers federation, which dominates the industry. We have been in close contact with all international sectoral fair organisations and we support our members in this regard. We are working hard all over the world. In order to increase the participation as exhibitors and visitors to our fairs, which are our pride, we have not left any country we have not visited, where mattress manufacturers operate from India to Germany, from Italy to the United States of America. We plan to carry out the work of the professional committee, which we have been talking about for a long time but have not had the opportunity to start working, in the coming period. We will create opportunities to come together by establishing sub-committees on subjects such as machinery, fabric, spring, sponge, felt, interlining, fibre, chemistry, accessories, cover, textile products in our association and create opportunities to discuss professional problems and developments face to face.”

In accordance with the agenda, after the reading and discussion of the activity report, financial statements and audit committee report of the IBIA Board of Directors and their unanimous acceptance, the new Board of Directors of the International Mattress Industry Association was elected.

IBIA’s new board members were determined

In the election held after the speeches made, the IBIA management at the General Assembly of the International Mattress Industry Association consisted of the following names:

Board of Directors Principal: Osman Güler, Mustafa Nebi Doğan, Ersin Koç, Engin Kalkan, A.U. Hakan Tanrıöven, Mustafa Taka, Zafer Baktır, Mustafa Kiper and Erdoğan Aslan

Board of Directors Alternates: Onur Kırayoğlu, Erhan Karakaşlar, Samet Beğendik, Ömer Faruk Görün, Recep Kütüklü, Ramazan Çelik, A. Koray Atamer, Serkan Elitaş and Şeref Özdemir

Auditing Board Principal: A. Yiğit Durak, Akın Bebek, Mehmet Demirok

Auditing Board Alternate: Lokman Özay, Erdal Durmuş, Mükremin Küçük

Speaking in the wishes and wishes section of the General Assembly, Ümit Vural, Chairman of the Board of Directors of BİFAŞ, the organiser of IBIA EXPO Fair, said that IBIA EXPO, which is an important event for the promotion of the sector, is on the list of qualified fairs with international quality and supported by the participants.